La Jolla/San Diego Unicyclists

Here I am, a fresh transplant in sunny La Jolla attending UCSD. Class starts Thursday, but I was wondering where all the unicyclists are.

Also, is UDC out of Nimbus gel seats? I was kinda looking forward to one.

But the most important thing is where the San Diego unicyclists are.

i would be

well, if my parents wouldnt have moved back to switzerland 17 years ago Id be there, but they had to go back to switzerland :frowning:

Oh, we’re here! Not in La Jolla though (that we know about). La Mesa, Lakeside, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo though. We generally ride each weekend somewhere around the area. This coming weekend, it’s planned for Saturday, but with a reduced group as some are going up to CMW.

You’re welcome to join us this Saturday. We’re either going to Cowles Mountain or Iron Mountain. Send me your email and I’ll add you to our list.


only im doing cmw :slight_smile:

we meet about every week for rides.

also, a bike shop called action cyclery has about 4 or 5 nimbus gel seats.


if you post when you ride i might be able to make it. like an hour drive. :smiley:

We (myself and another unicyclist) were in la jolla just this afternoon! We frequent the beautiful beaches there at least a couple times a week. Almost all of us live inland 25 minutes or so. There is one guy, Albert Kong, that lives in Southern La Jolla that rides. He does parkour at UCSD Sunday mornings…or at least he was last time i saw him. It’d be cool to get him in on a ride with all of us sometime.

We have ridden the UCSD campus on a couple different occassions. Theres some decent stuff (plenty of big handrails) but most of it is so spread out that it turns into more of a distance ride than a street/trials session. However, it’s a large campus and i am still a ways from seeing all of it, so id be down with scoping it out some more. Also, there are some good trials rocks on the beach if you follow the beach north a little from scripps pier (the only pier in la jolla).

So, Sam is it? What kind of riding do you like to do? Most of us boys are into muni and trials with a dash of street. One guy is big into distance. Any new styles are definitely welcome.

Do you have a car? Perhaps it’s unlikely seeing as youre a freshman. I figured id ask though. If not, no sweat. A couple of us are in La Jolla all the time!

We’ll plan a little something when we all get back from CMW. See you!


those rocks are great!!!

any handrails I could do???


All I have with me is my trials uni. I’m really interested in street, but my skills are still pretty minimal as far as both trials and freestyle are concerned. But I find a good way to learn, besides praticing solo, is to pick up tips from others.

I’m willing to try anything my uni can handle, so basically just trials, natural and otherwise. Anything’s fair with me. I just want to ride and get better.

if you have AIM I’m SamuelSHunter. Message me for a phone number or whatever. It’s all good with me.

Hey San Diego unicyclists, I’ve been unicycling for more than a couple of years now and I’ve never gotten involved in the community. I met PopeSamXVI in one of my classes at UCSD, and he got me tuned to this forum. I’m currently sporting a stock '06 Torker DX 24in, and I do some light muni. Being a 200lb fatty on it still makes me kinda wary though. I’d definately like to hit up some trails with some more experienced folks to see how I compare and to also develop my skills.

cool. I think were going to be doing a trail called Iron Mountain this saturday or sunday. the lower part of it isn’t as technical as the top part, but it’s still plenty fun. the top parts is harder more Down hill. well be doing both. PM me for more questions.