LA bike shops?

So I dropped in to Pasadena Cyclery after work and asked if they could help tighten & stress relieve the spokes on my KH 24" '05. Nope. The guy took one look at the tire and said they didn’t have the right equipment. Told me to buy a spoke wrench. I tried to coax them a bit, but to no avail. I probably should have guessed the result when I saw two BMW SUVs in the parking lot.

Anyone know a good wheelbuilder in the LA area?

i personally don’t have much wheel maintenance experience with these guys [i just went to them to buy a replacement inner tube and a pump], but they did have torker cx and lx unis in stock, so i assume they at least know something about servicing unicycles. it’s a shop called ‘montrose bike shop’ located in montrose, near the la crescenta/la canada area [little north of LA]. might be a bit out of your way, i only know it because its the only bigger bike shop around where i live [tujunga].

the address is:
2501 Honolulu Ave
Montrose, CA 91020

phone number:
(818) 249-3993

i know a friend of mine goes to really big shop somewhere in the san marino area, i can try and find out for you where that is if you want


I highly recommend Kevin Casey at a bike shop called Bicycle Johns in Burbank. It’s really not that far from you using the freeway.

He built my wheel and it’s still rock solid almost two years later. He’ll remember working on my wheel. He works part time, but he is still a crack wheel builder. Find out when he works and then call the shop.

phone number is 1818-848-8330

Address is
1038 N. Hollywood Way

Call them for hours, I think they are open late on one or two of the weeknights if you need to bring in the wheel after work.

Good luck.

I went to see Kevin Casey at Bicycle Johns…they don’t take appointments and were pretty backed up, but he squeezed it in. He called the re-true job “brutal” because of some major dishing. Oops. Oh well, all better now!

I probably exacerbated the already sketchy factory wheel build while riding in Santa Barbara. They’ve got some big pebbles up there.


Thought I’d update this thread - I made a rather disparaging remark about PC in the initial thread post a few years ago (beyond the quality of service note), and it really was uncalled for. I’ve not seen the mechanic in question working there since, and everyone else has been great. I’ve had excellent service at PC, even recently when I needed something done fast and they were swamped. They are also a boon to the local mountain cycling community, supporting local clubs, fundraisers, races and trail access awareness.

If you need work done in the Pasadena area, definately give them a chance!

The first hurdle for a bike mechanic on truing a unicycle is that the unicycle doesn’t fit the truing stand. This is enough to put many mechanics off. Unicyclists need mechanics who like a challenge. Like the guys who changed the tire on my Coker (replace original Coker tire with Radial TA on large, 1st-generation Airfoil rim). They attacked it as a test of their skills. Like I mentioned in another thread, it was the best $7 I’ve spent (their normal tire-change fee) in a while!