LA area... anyone?

In a few weeks im going out to LA for a wedding and Ide love to bring my Uni with me. I will be staying in Marina Del Ray. I have yet to ride with another person and would love to bring either my Muni or recently purchased freestyle. If there is anyone who is intereeted, thatd be awesome.

Bring the MUni! There are some good trails not too far from MDrey.I just need to know when you’re coming to town so I can plan the ride.

Thursday night on Dec. 7th. The wedding is on saturday and I am leaving sunday afternoon.

SO when can you ride, friday only, or possibly sunday?

Yeah its looking like friday or sunday

Hey let’s do BOTH days!

Will you have wheels(automotive)? Orange County is the place to be about 50 miles from MDR. Lot’s of us to ride with.

I will also be flying to LA and am thinking of bringing my MUni or Street. I will arrive late Wednesday night the 6th and be coming back in the early morning of the 12th. Would love to meet up with you guys. I’ll be staying with my friends, but none of them uni, so hopefully I can get one of them to lend me their car so I can meet you guys somewhere. Keep me posted.

I cant drive a rental car so I will have no way of getting around :frowning:

OC is a bit far to drive from MDR, but doable. Since I live so close to MDR, I could come get you and we could go to OC or simi valley, which has some great trails as well. We could also hit some trails in the santa monica mtns., which is a short trip from MDR.

Just to warn you, I am new to Muniing. Also, the wedding isnt till friday at 7 so if friday morning is good for you thats fine.