LA 2 - MASH - on location

This is the second of my Los Angeles videos. We rode out to the MASH filming location in Malibu Creek State Park, and did our own MASH episode.

I have raw footage for 5 or 6 more videos that I will post as I finish editing them. The first one is from Hollywood Hills/Hollywood Blvd.

I think (not sure yet) the other videos will be:
-Riding in downtown LA
-Riding on Venice Beach
-A couple of videos from California Muni Weekend
-A couple of videos from La Mirage Lake (desert)

Excellent! :slight_smile:

I bet you guys had fun making that video.
Thanks very much for sharing your adventures with us :slight_smile:

I love your childish playfulness. :slight_smile:

Awesome video, guys! :slight_smile:

Thanks! More videos are coming.

That is a really good video, well done!