L&M Crimbo Video

<a href="Well, Lucas came over to my house for a night and we did some filming. I made this vid, its not excellent because of the amount of freetime I have is very limited.

Its edited by myself, Mike Swarbrick, and both me and Lucas Wintercrane ride in it.

I left in clips that normally I would have taken out, this is because we didn’t have man clips and that a lot of them were shot in the dark. Sorry about that, I did my best. With it being winter and all, it gets dark quickly.

Anyway, enjoy!

Mike (& Lucas I’m sure)">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOdYWxp19WQ

very nice mike and lucas

very enjoyable!

keep up the good flow, and the good work.

(i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone use unicycles like stilts/crutches before!)

nice editing mate i had a great laugh filming for it, im a bit drunk now and trying my new bc with little sucess lol wb xx