kypa nº2 Carbon fiber seat

I’m sorry about my english, is a little bad.

I just finist to build my new carbon fiber seat.

I made it with carbon fiber and has an improvement respest to the others.

I have put two “handlers” back for better handle of the seat. That provides a new form to the sandle.

Weight: 156 gr.

I haven’t tested yet, but I will soon.

Some pictures to see:

A little more about the construction process:
Kypa Nº2 Sillín de fibra de carbono

I clicked on your link to have a look. Did you make that seat base with a fiber-glass core? I think that is what you said but my spanish is even worse than my french. If you did 156g is really light, I hope it holds up.

Cool bikes, I especially like the first one. Have you ever made any unicycle frames?

Sweet! Thats awesome! I used google translator :smiley:

That’s awesome, really really light too…

All seat is on c arbon fiber, I only put a layer of carbon fiber in the middle for the thickness, but is insignificant.

I hope this seat will be strong.

About the bicycle my fisrt bike was on carbon fiber because I don’t know welding, and the second one Shark bait I made welding. No very good weldings, but it works.

It works… at least for now.