"Kyle's very first MUni"

Eyal, Josh and Dennis from the Santa Barbara uni club invited me and new rider Kyle, from the nearby Santa Ynez area. They did the full 6 mile trail at Cold Springs which is an awesome technical trail with lots of forest cover!

Since this was Kyle’s very first Muni ride, his mom (Carol), and I thought we should just do the shorter loop, which would be easier for Kyle’s first time doing MUni. He did a great job and is hoping to attend his first CMW this October!

Thanks again to Eyal, Dennis and Josh for the invite and we look forward to going for the whole 6 mile DH in the near future!

that was a LOT of fun

I did have an awsome slide/fall wish we got it on tape of me falling off the uni…and off the side of the trail!!!

I slid/fell about 20 feet, but i was ok…sure scared some hikers though and I BARELY missed the poison oak

made my ass hurt, but it was fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool. Try not to use that red font on a black background, its really hard to read.

See you both at CMW.

Tips to kyle:

  1. wear a helmet at all times riding. Saying that you never fall on your head is dumb, when it happens it could be the end of all that fine hair:) .
  2. Hold the handle going down steep sections / technical sections. Watch terry tackle some sections, you’ll see.
  3. good luck!

That’s one more of us and one less of them!

Haha yeah I thought the same thing when I saw it on youtube; The original wmv is totally clear, but somehow it didn’t translate to youtube well. I think part of it was that fact that the whole video had to be shot from the memory stick since the DV tape mechanism on that camera broke.:frowning:

Haha, Terry and his camera bashing. Liked the vid. Not much
I can say about it, but Kyle is on his way.

Good for you Kyle, that’s great! I am glad you had a good time.

Chris, Josh, Eyal and I rode down Cold Springs fairly quick but still didn’t meet up with you and Terry. And Kyle, i’ll get a uni ride in with you sooner or later, whether it’s street or Muni. That would be great if you could go to CMW in October, but I recommend riding a lot before you go.
Also thanks Terry for lending him the essential gear. That was really nice of you.

Also I’d like to say Chris did great on that ride, even after his SW carbon fiber handle snapped off near the end of the ride. That was the highlight of the ride…at least for me. I couldn’t stop laughing while looking at the all the fibers sticking out of the broken-off handle, and then looking back at mine and Eyal’s plastic kh handles and bases.