KyleM Video!

Plz i know i suck ive be riding for like 3-4 months now and its just some old and new clips of me. And some other stuff.:smiley: Tell me what you htink of video and my riding. More videos coming soon!:slight_smile:

pretty good for only a few months of riding, just try fewer pre-hopps it looks better that wayโ€ฆ all-in-all good job.

thanks :slight_smile:

It would be good to learn to hop towards your free hand, you can hop farther and higher that way.

Also: learn to edit the clips. That way you can just let the camera roll and make repeated attempts at your hardest lines and tricks, then edit out the junk, and you running back and forth to the camera.

nice vid.

Why is it that all unicyclist like 4 months in have to take some kind of a pretty big drop, i trashed a 50 buck freestyel one going off a ten foot retaining wall, my only one then, now i have 7 lol!

lol I donโ€™t know, my first big drop was right around 4 months of riding too except mine was only 4 feet from a picnic table to the ground (on my CX which survived and is being learned on by a friend right now)

yes some of those videos are really old guys, i dont hop as much, My biggest frony gap from picnic tableto picnic table wa 1.3metres
SO far

i can only jump to my front side foot