Kutztown, PA unicyclists?

Yesterday evening (sunday 9/25) I saw two unis riding down Main St of Kutztown. I didn’t get to talk to them at all, but I figured it might be worth seeing if they were here at all. My brother, my roommate and myself ride Kutztown and Hamburg sometimes. If you happen to be one of the people we saw riding, or anyone else in the general area, let me know if you want to ride sometime. I would be fun to get a big group together and terrorize the town sometime. Take care.


are you far from lansdale

I’m about an hour or so from Lansdale. I used to catch the train to Philly from there when I was going to school. Maybe I’ll try to make it down there to ride sometime. How is the town for riding?


the rideing here is ok but im going to phily to ride this weakend if you wana come. what kind of rideing do you do. are you aney good

yo imma ask a question, what color are the maguras on your bike also how much did it cost?

wow way to therd jack

and there yellow and it was 400 why

might be buying a monty 20" mod from Nick (shadowuni) for 100 with the yellow maguras, actually it might be the same bike you have…

did you buy yours new?

for 100$ i dout it unless its realy used

yeah i am possibly seeing it tonight, i I will see if i should get it, or just get a new one. did you get yours new? if so where did you get it?

yah i got it new from some guy at my bike shop and if its nicks old bike get it

ok back to andrew do you wana ride this weakend?

yoo go on AIM and we can talk

Its not the Brisa, its the Monty bike ( have you rode it)

edit: is nicks old bike, or the bike you got by any chance this

my aim dosint work and no i didint ride it but i saw it once with mags

is it the one in that picture?

I’m about an hour and a half away in East Stroudsburg.

I don’t think I’d be able to ride this weekend, but I’d like to get down and ride in the city sometime. I’ll let you know when I’m able to make it that way.


Nick’s bike is one of the older monty’s with the square downtube and pink stickers.

I live outside of Reading… somewhere around half an hour away from Kutztown. If you ever get a group together let me know and I’m there.

You guys are riding in philly this weekend? Man, I’m out of the loop. I finally quit my weekend job, so I can actually have some free time.

Is riding still happening?