Kudos to Unicycle.com


For those of you who watched my troubles with my KH29 hub and cranks last week, I shipped the uni to UDC and they fixed it, made sure I had the parts to prevent a reoccurrence, and sent it back in just a few days. Can’t say enough good about Amy, who I spoke to, and Robby who did the work.

Not only that but our friend across the sea at UDC.UK almost got me through the pickle via email until I hit the limits of my tool set. Thanks to all–the kind of people I like to deal with.

I rode my KH29 with 125s and a Big Apple for 5 miles tonight–aaahh!


oh yeah man, UDC is the best. I broke my KH20 rim really bad and shipped it to them and they are shipping me a new one at no charge.