Kudos to Twins Bike Shop CA

I’m in Seattle and they hooked me up with the shiny pieces to extend my Coker handlbars out. Got the idea from Terry (Unigeezer), and his video description.
Haven’t ridden it yet.
I like that there’s lots of room for adjustment though.


That’s cool David, and I’m glad you wen to them! They’ve been really friendly and very helpful to me for years, and they are by far the best bike shop around! They go the extra mile and do great work, and their prices are beyond reasonable. Did you visit them in person or did they ship the parts to you?

Pics soon.

We did it all via email and phone. Angel was very helpful. I did use a hack saw and rubber mallet to get it all together, but all the necessary pieces were provided.

Picture of coker handelbar extension

Got the parts from Twins Bike Shop in CA (Angel 310-257-1350) over the phone and email.
There are actually two main pieces involved and a couple shims. I shortened one shim with a hack saw.


Cool bar, Dave. Maybe we should burn up the Samm River Trail on Sunday to give it a proper testing.

Sunday ride

I’ll need to check with my social secretary about a spin on Sunday.

Sounds FUN.

PS Don’t tell Harper I added more superfluous crap to my uni.

Exact same set up I have, but I went back to just the pi bar.


Yes Terry, I’ve always wanted to see what an extended handlebar was like.
Tried it just a little last night.
I kinda like the leaning forward position, but that might get old too. Sure feels weird at first.
Next I need to mount my bigscreen on it.

It would probably fit! :smiley: