KUA is gathering logos from all around the world.

Hellow everyone here.
This is Korea Unicyling Association.
I’m Lujianne.
I’m gathering organization’s logos from all around the world.
Because I will make a T-shirts using all around the world’s logo
like the flags of all nations.
Therefore I wrote here. I expect to your help.:wink:
If you have a logo of your own organization,please send me by jpg file.

Thank you so much. everyone.

Merry Christmas ~:)

… that email isn’t a good idea to put here in that format (spell out the @, or dot so you don’t get spammed)

I’ll send you mine, i don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for tho…

Hey Lujianne!

It is Nathan from Canada, I emailed you the logo from our club in Ottawa!

I can’t wait to see the T-shirts!

Heya! Jiahui from Singapore here - Was looking at your email yesterday actually.

this reminds me I need to be rummaging through the archives for it.

Thank you,Nathan

I got your logo. thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you~

Thank you :slight_smile:
Yesterday Maxim told me you can help me. :slight_smile:
thank you so much.
See you in Hong kong for 2nd APUC next year.

Thank you, Peter

Yes, I got it. thank you.

In your web-cite, I saw Wendy(who went to Denmark. She stayed next door

to Korea team.) I’m pleased to see her again. :slight_smile: Her husband is Peter

as well.

You can grab the NZ Unicycle Federation logo from the website: www.unicycle.org.nz
It’s the thing that looks like a Chicken but is supposed to be a Kiwi.

Also the Unicon XV logo designed by Sam Wakeling is on: www.uniconxv.co.nz


Thank yoy, Ken

Thank you so much. I know that Kiwi is symbol of New Zeland :slight_smile:
See you next year in UNICON 15. :slight_smile:


Did you find out your logo?
I really expect to get your logo.
If you can find that, Please know me and send .:wink:
Thank you
Have a good day