KSU unicycles


some of my friends have told me that there are some unicyclists at KSU that ride behind the union almost everday. any of you on here?

Maybe you should specify if you mean:

Kansas State University
Kentucky State University
Kennesaw State University in Georgia
Kent State University in Ohio

yes, i suppose that is a good idea. i feel a bit silly. kansas state university.

A Manhattan boy, eh? We had a guy named David Maxfield who grew up in Manhattan who used to post here frequently. He probably left there 30 years ago or so. I haven’t seen any posts from K-State riders (or any Kansas riders) on these fora that I can recall.

Here is the roster of riders from Kansas from unicycling.org, The Unicycle Page. Maybe you can find someone close by who knows more about your area. I’m a Wichita boy myself. Well, up until 1970.