Krisztian Kovacs-Triple flip

I made this video of one of his triple flip, it was in May. :smiley:

holy !@#$%&

Nice! But I prefer them live… :wink:

thats insane!!! i wish i could even do a single:o

Wow. Does he ride with plastic pedals?
He old is he?

This doesn’t do him justice. At FLUCK I saw him land atleast 4 tripleflips. He can do them semi-regularily. When he landed them he was just like ‘good’, that was obviously one of his early ones. He can do them fairly easily.


hes 15, and I “think” its plastic pedals yeah.

Wow, only 15, that’s amazing. Most street rider are going with plastics nowadays.

the music is kinda a buzz kill for the video.