Krisz new Video: The Return!

I search and I thin that no one posted that:

Awesome… I love his style…

I don’t know who is the other rider!


whoa! were those triplebacks??? :astonished:

I think So!

Look like Mike isn’t the only back triple flipper anymore!

Was that a 9spin?

7 and that was pretty sweet…

Neither of them got the triple back. That one guy’s was edited funny so it only looked like he landed it, and Krisz’s was cut short before he dismounted it. It was blatantly obvious that neither of them had got them. If it was truely landed, don’t you think Krisz would have made it so he rolled out of it/ hopped for a bit?

Still a cool vid, thats one sweet house.

And Krisz only got about 2.6
Nice vid anyways, he had another one up that was wicked crazy but he removed it. He did a 720-360 in it.

dude you live in brazil, why are you riding in your house on HARDWOORD flooring i’m in canada and its snowy and i wouldn’t even ride on my hardwood (mom would kill me :stuck_out_tongue: )

by the way very nice flat vid you got them flips down!! keep it up and congrats on KHU


Pedro is not the guy in the video. The guys in the vid are Krizstian Kovacs and Sebi.

I’m 99.9% positive that was a double.

no nut!

None of them lands the triple, they just cut when he land, he almost landed, and Krisz is doing 2 and 1/2

i really liked the vid

the tripleflip of krisz looked very easy and without shin pads :astonished:


I didn’t see any triple backs landed in this vid, the triple back after the scooter clip was edited so it would look like it was landed (the actualy bail from that flip is at the end of the vid) But why the hell ride inside your livingroom? :thinking: Scared to get a cold outside? :roll_eyes:

The way Krisz catches his 720s looks crazy

Yikes! I have to agree with that Q: What’s your most dangerous unicycle experience ever? A: Telling your mother you practiced on the hardwood floors!

But still an awesome video! If mom sees it she’ll forgive you.

Yeah I love how he does that, wish i could… :frowning: Easy to see how he could do 7flips.
I didn’t like this vid lol. Its all inside which makes it hard to take seriously.
Awesome skills though of course.

lol at the credits

I’m sorry, you were right. I downloaded it and it was a double back.

Again, I apologize (I don’t like to be wrong, but when I am, I admit it :roll_eyes: ).

No worries man, it happens. It actually was pretty hard to tell. I was second guessing myself at first.

I thought at least one part of the vid would have riding outside haha.