Krisz Kovacs - Hug2...

Crazy as usual


Overspun 1080
Rev doubleflip
360 (almost) rev flip landed but not really clean but still sooo crazy.

doesn t work for me. could you please post the link?(i searched youtube but couldn t find it)

Idk what went wrong:

Was that a trey-quad flip down that 2-set :astonished:
Awesome video!!!

it was pretty sure a treysidetriple :smiley:
awesome video, but almost all was old stuff :smiley:

I like this video :stuck_out_tongue: 1080 looks sweet, and I’m glad to see the sejside in slow motion :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but the new tricks that wern’t in Hungarian Underground II were so sick

thank you… thank you for this video

wtf?? 990? :astonished:

this video should be forever popular

The 360 revflip was crazy.

does anybody know the name of the song?

yes, here it is :

Contra Mantra by The Army of the Pharaohs

KK is clearly an amazing rider. Technical ability is off the chart, but I don’t feel like he presents his videos very well. Slow mo would be so useful now that he’s flipping triple variations and spinning 1080s. Even as an experienced street rider, I had to sit and replay most of this video just to figure out what he did, even now I’m not sure I’ve got it all right. I hate to think what non-street riders would think of this vid, probably watch it once and not care to look at it again.

What a rider though, no doubt about that!


KK’s riding has never been about presentation to non-riders. All his tricks are presented sloppily. If he would tone back his riding more and make it smooth it would make for a more applying video to a larger group of viewers. However, unicycling isn’t about that, it’s all about the tricks and what “you” can do.

I think that is a massive generalisation that is certainly debatable. I’m not asking him to change his style of riding, which you would have picked up if you’d read my post with more care. All I was suggesting was an editing style that allowed more of us to appreciate his videos. You may think that unicycling is all about landing the most complex tricks, but making the best video is not. Some people get bored with trick after huge trick and appreciate a nicely put together piece of film. I would never criticise his riding, he is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best street riders around but his editing leaves a lot to be desired and that is all that should be contested in reference to my original post.


KlownLife is absolutely right and I appreciate the reasonable way you expressed your thoughts with respect for the rider! Wouldn´t call it sloppily presented, it´s just that such riding DESERVES better filming. That´s how i´d put it. apart from that: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT huge tricks. phat!