Krisz Kovacs and Mark Fabian

Amazing video hasn’t been posted yet so i thought id do it because its too good to miss

Wow, unbelievable riding! Every trick in that video was insane!

Welcome to my collection. :smiley:

Good to see a flip into handrail again. Sad that no riders are going big anymore.


That was great, thanks for posting.

Impossible to top this!!!

thanks for sharing!!!

Yeah, flip to rail. Set record now tied. I’m all over that. I saw Eli Brill’s influence in those flat lines.

I think shaun is becoming a big Eli fan(if he is, I really don’t blame him, I want to be his biggest fan :p)

i remember about 2 months ago when krisz showed me this at his flat and lot of this riding on krisz’s part is old :roll_eyes: and mark <3 my fav trials rider :smiley:

I love the style and the highest level of unicycling!
And i am happy to ride next week with this guys!

Krizs is sooooooo awesome!

amazing, such amazing hops from you both

I think there’s some Krisz influence in my flat :stuck_out_tongue: Krisz is THE man, for sure. Agressive riding.