Kristof Horvath's Unicycle high Jumps

This is a very short video of Kristof high jumping. I just edited this tonight and he probably wont see it until tomorrow. I hope you like it. I personally think Kristof will be one of the best upcoming trials riders in the uni world. He has a profile here but doesn’t use it and not many people know him because he doesn’t have many videos except for our recent one. His personal high jump record is 125cm but I’m sure he could easily get 130 if he put his mind to it.

Wow, I had heard of him but I thought his hops were only about 80 cm. I agree, it looks like hes gonna be great one day. How old is he? And the end was hilarious! :slight_smile:

in the last video i did with him he did a hop that was like 110 and a static that was like 98 lol hes 16

His highjumping is so sick :roll_eyes:
but well… he also has to practise the other parts of unicycling :slight_smile:
His not bad… but if he would not only focus on highjumping he could be a lot better :smiley:

Yeah I think his main attraction is high jump and that’s probably cause of him riding with mark and being able to practice over hop just down the street from his house at a gym. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice clean style.

Where’s he from?

Hungary of course emele hungarians are best at high jump lol