Kriss Holm Spirit - 110 - 137

I’ve noticed that most of unyclist at muni competition are using 27.5" with 117 cranks.
I hava a 26" with dual hole spirt, previusly was on the 137.
I’ve changed to the other hole and found out that are 110 instead of 117 as reported on KH site (
anyone nows how old are them? I do not think that are fake…have even the disc properly mounted
furthermore the 26" has become hardly manageable but al lot faster, have to get accustomized.
any suggestion to speed up the process?
I’m also thinking of going to 120 sin 110 seems to short for me even if i do only light XC.

Ride, ride, and ride more, there are is no secret other than seattime to get used to new setups. I found I had to dial back the speed a bit on some sections when I switched to shorter cranks, since it is easier to ride fast, and sometimes I would underestimate the speed. Other than that, just get used to it, and you definetely have to be a better rider to get through the same sections on 110mm cranks than with 137mm. A lot of the control you had in your feet has to be replaced with your brake. Some of the torque you had to get over obstacles by carrying more speed, and riding with more confidence.

I have 125mm on my 26", and really like that size (can only really compare to 140 and 150mm), I’m missing some of the control of the 140mm sometimes, but the ease of speed with 125mm is great on the majority of trails I do.

Good advice from Finn. First I would say, 110s are pretty short, even on a 26". I’ve experimented a lot with different cranks lengths. Granted, I ride mostly 29" and 36". Interestingly I also find counter-intuitively that really short cranks on smaller wheels is sometimes harder than on larger wheels — this doesn’t apply for slow steep technical uphill where smaller wheel is always easier, but for both uphill-at-speed and downhill/XC. I think the uphill-at-speed is pretty clear as the larger wheel carries more momentum, but the XC/downhill really doesn’t make much logical sense. Nevertheless, I have spoken with a few other riders who said they also found 110s/117s on 26" somehow harder than 117/125s on 29", even though it’s effectively a “lower” gear.

I personally don’t ride my 26 so much (i switched it to 117/137s a while back) but find even the 117s pretty short, while I feel totally comfortable with 125s on the 36" or 117s on the 29".

Off-road, the jump from 137mm to 110mm is really really big. As Finn said, it will take a while to get used to it. Of course, preferable would be to switch gradually and maybe ride 125s or 117s. The switch from 137 to 125/127 should be much less extreme, but then your body/brain will start to get used to it. Of course, this requires buying new cranks and also changing them out.

Hmm… one interesting thing: I have KH spirits in 117/137 and 127/150 and the current lengths are 110/127 and 117/137, so I guess you have an older model with 110/137. As I said, that’s a BIG jump. Oh “I’ve changed to the other hole and found out that are 110 instead of 117 as reported on KH site”, I now see you already knew that.

But trying different lengths (and different wheel sizes) helps. Today I rode my 29" with 137s and it was fun, although I’ve mostly been riding the 36" with 125s on the same XC trails.

I don’t know when that switch was made, but I can confirm that both exist: I have the two versions. Now I don’t remember which I bought first…

For the question of 110/137 vs 117/137, I was able to find info to confirm what I remember.

It all started with the size you have (110/137):…-for-june-2012

Then later (do not have an exact timeline), the 117/137 was also introduced and they coexisted for a while.
Then finally there was a decision to drop the reference that sold less than the other and that is how we ended up with the current ref sold and listed on KH site (117/137).

From memory the 117/137 cranks first came about at the request of Cary Gray.