krisis Mars 2009 by Gregory Delaye Cléden Guichard and Mathieu Raimond

After the teaser, the video :




the 1800 was AWESOME!

I was totally waiting for it the whole movie.

Awesome vid. Some really nice handrails in there.

that was a well edited video and the riding was awesome!

Awesome, loved it

Haha I liked the teaser more than the actual video :stuck_out_tongue:

But it was good.

My computer is too shit for vimeo. I guess I’ll have to download it.

great vid and riding…only for the editing, i think i’m to old, i’m totally flashed…:o

good video.

Nice video, awesome riding, quick and smooooth :wink:
My only probllem was the fish eye effect. It took too much of the image, and distorted it a tad, if you zoom in slightly so there isn’t quite as much blank space, i think the video will improve by loads.

cool vid, cool edit :sunglasses:

loved it! i really liked the feel the trailer had to it. cleden your sick i love ur style and that trick on thw wheel at the beginning!

sweet !!! :):slight_smile:
awesome tricks, and a insane 1800 :stuck_out_tongue:

great like the teaser