What happened?

Hey john,

there was a thread about what other forums ru a member of and u said a trials bike forum so i assume your a trials biker. I want to get a 20 inch trials bike but all the places i found are over seas so do you know of any sites in the us or canada i could order a bike from? thanks in advance.


Caution: Thread Jacking afoot

dont be fooled! john will put himself down bout his bike trials skills!

–just a warning

I remeber John Foss had as his Sig for sometime that Kris is married now, and he won’t be unicycling in 3 months. Maybe he was psychic.

Well, Brian, you have a few options.
1- Go to
and check out the mods, depending on how much you can/want to spend on them and how much you are going to get into it
the Monty 219 X-Alp are more beginner bikes and will not hold up if you get into more advanced moves. The Monty 220 Hydra is a more advanced bike and is almost the same as the 221 X-lite but a few punds heavier. Also it has a seat. The 221 X-lite is an amazingly light and maneuverable bike. Some pros ride 221s. From the price, it looks like the Koxx Level Boss and Echo Team are nice bikes, but I have not heard about these. Also the Zoo looks nice. But i have not had any experience or heard anything about this bike.

2- Go to they are a dealer, and have a bunch of stores around Canada. You might have to call the stores, but you might be able to email. Again, the 219 is a beginner bike, 220 is nice, but 221 is best. The 220 and 221 have an option of rim brakes and disc brake on the front. I would reccomend the rim brakes because you don’t have to worry about hitting the rotor on things. Rotors run at about $30. Also, if you grind your rims and/or use tar, you will have plenty braking power. On my stock bike I have front and rear disc, and I don’t try a lot of things in fear of ruining my rotors.

3- Check on ebay every once in a while, search fro trials bike or something similar, every once in a while there will be a good deal.

4- Go to;act=SF;f=4
Look around and/or post about a wanted mod bike. There are quite a few mods on sale there, although location will vary depending on user. Check out the other areas of the forums at to ask questions about bikes.

5-Go to This is a great forum. Pretty much everyone there is nice and very helpful. There is also a buy and sell forum, check that out too.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.


wow, I started posting when there was only the one reply! I’m slow.

So is anyone going to answer the original question of this thread? I’m wondering too.

toddw9, have you had a bad experience in your background that causes you to deny your inner clown?

Here ya go:
I dunno what happened to the domain name, though.

This was a very roundabout way to answer the original question. FYI, the link at the top of the Kris’s page doesn’t work. If anyone keeps in regular contact with him (now that he’s married, he might have forgotten about all his friends :smiley: ) they might want to mention that. Or is it just a temporary move?

It didn’t actually move, that page was always there. You probably noticed the advertisement in the corner of when it was there. That’s because his domain name showed at
Did any of that make sense?

It doesn’t have his armor and shorts anymore, either.

can anyone explain why the link doesn’t work for me?

it’s a valid link, but try copy and pasting the link into your browser, sometimes that works where clicking doesn’t

John and I discovered that you couldn’t get in with anymore because we were looking for pictures and info on his upcomming gear. Could anybody help us out with info and/or images about them or maybe a link or something? thanks


Domain names are not supposed to have an underscore in them so that one may not work for everyone. Try this instead:

yes that works thanks