& Earth Hour


March 26 is Earth Hour - a symbol to recognize our impact on the planet.

To celebrate going “beyond” Earth Hour, will feature a special homepage beginning when March 26 starts on the International Date Line. Check it out, and then turn off your lights and go for a ride!


I just heard about this a few minutes ago.

Now I just have to figure out what I can do tomarrow for an hour in the evening that neeeds no electricity besides going to bed really early.

(The 8:30-9:30 PM is during each person’s local time)

turn light as much as possible

that´s it!
well done Kris:)

I told my mom I was going to go for a ride for that hour since I dont have any lights to look at my uni :stuck_out_tongue: We’re doing it here that’s for sure, and we’re celebrating my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

Kris nice design. It may stay for a while :slight_smile:
Jacob: Happy Dark Birthday!

Actualy, it’s an early birthday celebration… it’s not my real birthday yet. But thanks :slight_smile:

Except for that b*ke in the animation vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps next year the WWF will put a unicycle next years Earth Hour promo video. :slight_smile:

great idea/promotion kris! i had a good comp today for more than an hour with no electricity! :smiley: but i think that doesnt count :stuck_out_tongue:

at 8:30 wherever you are? Or is everyone doing it at the same time?

I think the idea is wherever you are. We did it a couple of hours ago (in Europe). Around this time of the year it is dark on both hemispheres at that local time, while people are not yet asleep. So a dark band will move around the earth - ideally.

Oh interesting. Well I’m going for a ride with no lights tonight, but only if there is not cloud cover, otherwise how am I going to be able to ride?!

Glad you liked it =)

Carl Hoyer (who does my website) deserves the credit for this. Thanks Carl!


I turned out all my lights for 2 hours, but it’s pitch black outside, so I had the TV on weather channel while I cleaned my uni. I hope that counts for something :frowning:

I didn’t realise Earth Hour was on but I was out riding anyway. It felt pretty cool to be out on the trail in the quiet of the night.