Krisholm 20" frame..?

Will it fit my Onza?

Which Onza do you have? It will def fit the most recent KH/ONza hubbed onzas as the hub is identical, and im pretty sure it will fit the older onzas as the relevant hub dimensions are the same.

I bought i last year, donät know if it is 2005 or 2006 :stuck_out_tongue:

This one.
It is the one on the picture, they havent change yet… So i have a 2005…

Ok kington , it will fit the hubset but how about the saddlepost and clamp?

Yep they’re both 27.2mm posts, You may have to cut the post down slightly as the Kh frame doesn’t allow the post to pass through the crown like the Onza does.

Okey thanks :smiley: