kris unis are strong!!

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great pics!! :smiley:

haha nice editing :smiley:
you should send them to kh for advertisement…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work filmo. :smiley:

:smiley: It matches the thread name too also. :smiley:

But the seats are rock hard :astonished:

That’s a nice pic. Would you happen to have it in 1280x1024? I want it for my wallpaper. If it’s alright with you:)

Sure, in this link it is the photo in hi resolution.

The place is called “Peña de la cruz” in Bejar (salamanca) spain.

And here are the rest of the photos :

Nice pics man! I loved the gallery.

Keep it rollin’

Nice. I think I’ve got a new desktop image =).

Seriously, what a cool looking place to ride.


of course…you’re the only one here looking at the drop from the top as a ‘cool looking place to ride’!!

yeah thats real!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you send me an email about this photo? I just pm’d you. If anyone else reading this has Filmos’s email address, let me know (email me at I’d love to get permission to use it for a new environmental conservation page at



The woolly unimamouth makes a rare appearance.


When I saw that I was positive it was photoshoped, but the hi quality one and the other pics showed me that it wasn’t. That’s amazing!

Ok I write you this afternoon with all information, now I,m going to muni :smiley:

Kris Holm, someone of the spanish forum wants you to see other photo…

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Thanks for the link. That black and white photo with the blue unis is awesome. Can you give me a name and contact for the photographer? Unfortunately I can’t read Spanish.