Kris' Saddle

I’ve watched ITTD alot and really like it but i notice Kris’ saddle is a miyata but it has a weird conversion on it the seat looks firmer than air but softer than normal seats. It almost looks like a gel seat. Kris if you read this whats the deal? Anyone have some ideas?


I don’t want to put words in anybody’s mouth, but I think I know what he does.

He’s got an airseat with a roach seat cover. The roach cover is a lot bigger than the stock Miyata cover. To fill the roach cover, you either have to double up the inner-tube (fold over a 16", I think) OR, you can do a single layer of inner tube with the original Miyata foam on top. You get the impact absorption and cushiness of air, with the shape-retaining and firming goodness of the miyata foam.

John Childs does a sweet air conversion like this, and he did a sweet workshop at UNICON IX explaining the whole process.

16"? i got a 26" tube in my roach cover!!! Ps. whats ITTD?

I still need to make a web page for how to make that style of air seat. It’s been on my to-do list for a long time. The hard part is geting good pictures of the seat in various stages of assembly to show how it fits together. Hopefully I’ll get started on it soon. …Maybe.

Into the Thunder Dragon. The video with Kris and Nathan in Bhutan.

Re: Kris’ Saddle

Into The Thunder Dragon

It’s a DVD of Kris Holm in a Asian country

I dont know 'bout kris’s, but I put some good neopreme in mine, about 2" thcik instead of air. almost as comfy, but I can grab it without squirming.

where did you get a 2" thick piece of neopreme?i dont use air because of the seat out grab squishiness.

I emailed Kris asking him that same question (so I didn’t order a sub-par seat)

It simply wasn’t available at the time of the movie being made

he said he was working on a rail adapter too, because seat angle is jsuta s important for comfort as comfortable material

He will be riding the velo/rail adapter when available

It seems to me at closer inspection he has a gemcrest leather cover. I also noticed he said that the finger brake deally is actually cut off of a bike extension and isnt made by a factory that way.Once again i am leaping deeper into this.

I, for one, would be very appreciative.

I know where there are two Miyata saddles that would love to be converted and a digi-cam that likes to watch.

(McMennamins has take out brews too, don’t they?)

I don’t know. I’ve got an airseat made with the Gemcrest leather, and it is significanlty less voluminous than the roach, I believe. I don’t think you could fit air and foam both in the gemcrest leather. Anybody?..

McMennamins does do takeout beer, but you have to bring your own container (or buy a container there).

My style of air seat has a single layer air pillow at the bottom and a Miyata foam pad on top of that. It makes for a thick air seat that completely fills the Roach seat cover. The air pillow is something that I sewed myself because only has the dog bone double layer style air pillow.

If I can find a non-rainy day this week I’ll take my muni seat apart and take pictures of the process of putting it back together. Outdoor light makes for better pictures than indoor light. But if I have to I’ll take the pictures with indoor light. I’ll try to get it done this week.

I’ve tried putting a 20 inch tube and the original foam in my Roach cover and it was a tight fit. I also tried using two layers of the Miyata foam and it was like sitting on a brick. I need to try the 2 inch thick neoprene like Max is using. I’m not satisfied with the air seat on my Coker. My butt likes the air, but my “boys” don’t. I have the front tilted up a little and it helps some. I also put some duct tape around the middle of the air pillow to keep it from expanding when I sit on the seat. Off to buy some neoprene I guess.


Re: Kris’ Saddle

nbrazzi wrote:
> I’ve got an airseat made with the Gemcrest leather, and
> it is significanlty less voluminous than the roach, I believe. I don’t
> think you could fit air and foam both in the gemcrest leather.
> Anybody?..

I’ve got a Gemcrest leather saddle with air and gel. It’s pretty tight
but it works well. The gel is the thickness of a computer wrist pad so
it’s probably a bit thinner than the original Miyata foam.

I believe there’s a bigger leather cover available these days.


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if you bought yours along time ago like i did then you have one of the older Gem. leather covers.

the new one is double the volume as the old but twice the price almost.

I’ve got one of the older Gemcrest leather covers and one of the new taller ones. I like the original one better. The new one is too tall. I don’t use alot of air pressure in my saddles and the tall cover, while very comfortable, seems to flop around a bit and I feel less in control while riding.
But I also found the Roach cover to be too tall. I removed the bottom wrap-around section and sewed a seam to the open hem, mounted it to the base clips and now I like it much better.
For me, the shallower Gemcrest leather cover was the ultimate.


Since I’m not actually Kris, I’m not an authority on what he rides, but this is what I know:

  1. The brake “deally”, is a brake lever extender, made by delta, and cut to the appropriate length, otherwise it would stick out too far and jab you in the leg. These are available at They enable you to grab the brake lever easier and with more than just one finger.

  2. He uses the carbon seat base from, which I believe is made by Gemcrest now.

  3. He helped design the Roach seat covers, and that’s what he uses, I believe a black one.

  4. A 20"(preferably), tube is used in the air seat pillow, under the Roach cover that Kris uses. All of these are available at

  5. He uses the rail-post bracket, which he designed. This of course, is used so brakes can be ran, and so the seat can be moved forward or backward the proper amount comfortable to you, and so that you can run any bicycle seat post, preferable the Thompson Elite.

Like I said, I may have a couple things wrong, if he’s riding different stuff, but in his pictures on his site, his cycle still appears to be one of the red Norco prototype frames, and he’s ran setup for a while now.

I haven’t seen 'Into The Thunder Dragon", but i will buy it within the next month.

Hoped I’ve helped, and sorry if I’ve made any grammatical errors that are unreadable.