Kris Peck - Moutain Ultimate Wheel (crazy)

This is really crazy, since he’s not riding a real ultimate wheel, he’s riding a unicycle wheel without a frame, it’s so much harder.

Respect, good skills. He need a real UW

Super skills! i did notice he had the same boots on every time though. it looked like maybe they are taped to the pedal or something?

The boots aren’t taped to the pedals, you can see him mounting.

Mad skills though, no need for an ultimate wheel I think. Would be fun to see him try that with a schlumpf :smiley:

Skills! Very impressive…

the boots are probably for if he hits the tire with his legs. that burns like hell

Kris = awesome. Must run in the family. I just got my regulation ultimate wheel and love it!

Does anything think it would be good to have a Ultimate wheel thread to consolidate ultimate wheel posts? Tagging may be sufficient.

Very cool waaalrus, but were you working on a new mount or just learning?
Kris Peck=very cool. very good at it

I was working on 180 jump mounts. I actually landed a couple and thought I recorded footage of them and other riding but I was hitting the record button at the wrong time (stopping when I meant to record and recording when I meant to stop). I’ve gotten about 6 hours of practice on the ultimate wheel and can ride until I get too tired (47 revolutions max so far) which is really fast progress compared to what I usually do. I’m working on inclines and declines and want to move off road soon. Seeing this video (and a more recent one) of what Kris does on simply a wheelset has inspired me to work on that, too (maybe starting with a seat drag).

That’s amazing! Riding a regular unicycle wheel without a frame is extremely difficult!

That makes sense.