Kris Homes Saddle. My letter to Kris

I recently bought the Kris Holm Freeride Air Saddle from I loved the way it kept my tailbone off of the back handle but within one mile I realized that the tube was sliding off to the side, forcing me to ride all crazy.

After I returned home I did some research and it turns out that I’m not the only one with this problem. I read post after post after post on about all the people that bought your air saddle and had to take it apart and modify it with duct tape, additional foam and a lot of trial and error.

I’m surprised and disappointed that you would let an inferior product be marketed under your name. Actually it makes me disillusioned with you and your name in general.

My suggestion is that you include directions on how to modify it and include all the necessary materials. after all, after tax and shipping it cost well over a hundred bucks for a product that doesn’t work properly.

Well, I’m off to the hardware store now to go buy some duct tape…

Please try a letter directly to a manufacturer first. I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a direct response.

Kris Homes isn’t a manufacturer. Kris Holm is and there’s an email link off of his site.

An air saddle isn’t even listed as a product on his website. Most air saddles are custom conversions from stock saddles. Scott Wallis and Qu-ax may be the only exceptions.

yeah dont mispell Kris Holm. especially in a letter to him or his company


Is it just me or is this dude trying to get more visits to his carpet repairs site?

In defense of Kris Holmes.

He did email me back the very same day. He said that he’s sorry for my frustration but that he does not even make an air saddle. He explained that he doesn’t even endorse it.

The Kris Holmes air saddle is a Kris Holmes saddle modified by

I found the tone of his writing to be quite professional.

Really, last time Kris Holmes wrote me a letter it was written in a level on par with a carpet repair man. :frowning: