Kris Holm's seat? Lever-thingie?

When I was watching Enter the Thunder Dragon (great uni video btw) I noticed that Kris had a little lever thingie under his seat that kind of looked like a bike’s break. Is that what it is? a little break handle?

Re: Kris Holm’s seat? Lever-thingie?

Yes it’s a hydraulic brake. The lever is mounted under the seat so you can activate the brake while holding the front of the seat.

Here is a picture of how it’s mounted under the seat

Here is another picture

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There’s one quick shot from above in Thunder Dragon where you can see Kris also has a brake lever extender clamped to his main brake lever. This extender basically converts the “pull direction” of the brake lever. Since the standard installation has the end of the brake lever pointing straight ahead, it can be difficult to maintain grip on it. The extender can make it easier to pull the brake with just a couple fingers, which is what you see Kris do in that shot in Thunder Dragon.

Here’s the extender:


Kh handle?

Does anyone know if you can put a reeder or any other such handle on the KH seat? Just wondering and thought I’d put it here instead of starting a new thread. Thanks!