kris holms saddle or torker dx

the kris holms saddle doesnt look like much (doesnt look very padded) so should i get that saddle or the stock torker saddle that has sum puff to it…inform me about the kris holms saddle is u love it :thinking:

THe KH street saddle is way better. The extra padding on the DX does not help and is probably even worse. The KH has a removable cover so you can replace it or wash it if you want. The lower profile makes it easier to grab for seat out which is good. Basically there is no downside to the KH seat and the dx one is just a not as good version.

weak stiffener plate. but the dx has the same one

the street fusion saddle is the one you are looking at i guess. Its made for street and trials not for being comfortable. Its awesome for SIF and just doesnt get in the way - but its not comfortable.

THe freeride is the one supposed to be comfy - i dont know only tried it for a few minutes.

THe DX has an old style KH saddle really with lots of padding. I had one then changed to a koxx saddle and i find the koxx saddle the more comfotable and way better for SIF and tricks.

However the street fusion is even better for SIF but it is just uncomfortable.

I find the street seat to be comfy. Just yesterday I rode on it for about 6 hours, no soreness at all. My legs are killing me though. lol

maybe you get used to it… personally i havent ridden it for any period of time but just for a few meters it seems so much worst than my koxx seat

I find the street saddle pretty comfortable too. Right now I use it on my coker and I’ve done some pretty long rides without it hurting very much. But I might get the fusion freeride soon, I assume it will be even better for long distance.

Is the foam used in the dx saddle any different from that used in the KH freeride saddle?

I’ve ridden both extensively and my opinion is; you should get the KH street if you’re doing street and trials (I think the low profile of the street saddle makes your uni look a little cooler too) or the freeride if you do muni or distance.

I’ve heard the KH Street is not quite as comfortable as the Nimbus Gel (which I have), but a bit easier for SIF.

The DX seat comes up too much in front and back.

In comfort my rankings for what I’ve tried are: KH Fusion Freeride, Nimbus Gel/KH Air (depending on how bumpy the terrain is), DX, then the LX/CX.

ok, i have ridden all the seats you are looking at for long periods of time
my DX started out the least comfortable and ended up the most comfortable. i like my KH street seat the best, only because my little brother tore my DX foam in half… grrrrrr… the modified DX seat will end up the best, but you will have many hours of work to do on it to get it that way and there is a definite possibility of messing it up.

the foam is about the same as the street seat, but a bit stiffer than the freeride. IMO the street seat would be the most comfortable without the gel insert. i don’t like it.

Because you got used to it or it broke in?

because i spent lots of time and effort modifying it.


I had the old Onza KH Saddle and swore by it. I then got just a regular KH saddle on my KH29 2005. It is supposed to be the same exept for the ONZA vs KH branded cover. I still don’t like it much till this day. The foam just kind of folds over and pinches the inside of your crotch. I could MUni for 4 hours on the ONZA and not be saddle sore. After only half an hour I would get saddle sore from the KH29 2005. Maybe I am not being fair here because when I MUni I do tend to stand quite a bit. When I do XC and road riding you just sit in the saddle. Maybe if I swithced them I would feel the opposite.

I then got the KH 2007 Freeride and didn’t like it at first. It was so different. It was slimmer and flat with out the bannana like curve. It would just fal out from between my thighs. I then tilted it up some and after a few days of riding have come to love it. I would never go backto the old ONZA saddle now. I recently got a KH20 2007 and I also find the street saddle superb. Great for SIF and pretty comfy. At FLUCK a lot of people changed the plastic to Carbon Fiber becuse of the Flexability but I never had a problem.

By the way most saddles are manufactured by Velo. This goes for KH, Torker and K1.