Kris Holm's Ripley's Showing


I’m interested in finding Kris Holm’s Part in Ripley’s Believe or Not. I’ve seen the gallery with the file, but my computer doesn’t play that in any Software I have. I’m looking for a file type that my computer can play (basically not DIVX avi. But avi. mov. mpeg. will all work.) Please if you could help me that would be wonderful. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Well here is the Discovery Channel clip Kris was on. I dont know if its the Ripley’s Believe or not but it might be what your looking for.



in wich gallery did you find it? Can you post a link or something?

yea i cant find out how to downbload this one i really like it lol :thinking: :smiley:

why don’t you just grab the divx codec?


Just try VLC.
This player plays everything without need for extra codecs installed.