Kris Holm's 20"

Kris Holm’s Free Style lightly used.
$200 + shipping
I’ll post photos as soon I figure out how!

To post pics, you need to resize them to 800 pixels on the largest side before uploading them.
Or you can host them elsewhere (picasa, tumblr, flickr…) and use the IMG link.

If the two sentences above sounds like Chinese to you, just email me the pics and I will upload them for you (my e-mail is my username at gmail).

Rojojo, what year?

info about uni

I don’t know the year. My husband bought it a couple of years ago.
It has a Fusion street seat.
20x2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire.
He didn’t ride it much because he bought a bigger one.
It has some wear on the seat front from hitting the ground. Hardly any paint damage.
Working on getting the photos up. I have pics on my phone but not sure how to get them on here. trying to work that out today.


See If I can get a picture to load.

Can you get a rough shopping estimate to 55441? Super interested as long as shipping won’t kill me