Kris Holme 29-er

This is my Kris Holme 29-er. I have had it a good few years [10+] and it is in fairly decent condition thought it has done quite a few miles?

The photos show it without saddle or pedals- If wanted I can provide them, but I figured most people on here would likely have existing ones.

The cranks are dual-hole 150/125 mm, so excellent if you want to during a ride with minimal hassle- just carry a crank spanner.

I forget the technical term for the seat post- but it enables seat angel adjustment, much like on a bicycle.

I’m selling it as due to age and medical issues, it is taking up space and it is looking unlikely I will be riding it in the future.

I am also decluttering so would like a quick sale, so I’ll ask for £60. I am autistic and am not going to attempt posting it, so this will be pickup only, from Sheffield, UK.

If you are interested, send me a pm with your telephone number, or email, and, please also drop a reply on this thread so I know to check my pm’s.


Hi bud is this still available? I drive through Sheffield regularly! Very interested!

Hi. Yes, it is still available. When are you next driving through Sheffield?

I can come through tomorrow around 3 if that works for you?

Yes, I can be in for 3 tomorrow. Could you message me a phone number so I can ring you to can set it up?

Sent you a PM.

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