kris holm

wondering how much a kris holm frame costs for 04-06

I bought an 06 KH from Bedford Unicycles for somthing like $160 US.

are they going to continue to sell the stock 05 kh unis?

I think when they run out of 05 uni’s thats it. The 07’s are the latest ones, so those will take the 05’s place.:wink:

Strange i got a 07 frame from him for 150 US… thats weird. Im sure the older frames are either not in stock, the same price, or slightly lower price.

Why don’t you just look it up on shop websites?

would a Kris holm seat fit on a Torker DX unistar?
wht unicycles other than a Nimbus would.

Yes. Only Miyata/Torker LX seats and seatpost won’t fit.