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I’ve been using Wikipedia for a while and I have noticed that there isn’t a proper article for Kris Holm. It is still a “stub”.
I don’t really know too much about him other than talk on the forums and his website.
So this is basically a call out to anyone that knows more about him to edit his Wiki.

Also, I would encourage you to add or properly edit articles on ny other notable unicyclist.
(Also, sorry if this is in the wrong catagory)
- James

Great post

I have no insider info. Yet perhaps you could gleen facts from vids to make a huge improvement on the wiki info. A noble endeavor that would advance uni knowledge a bunch IMHO.

That’s a damn shame. He deserves more than that.

then go add to it

I just checked out the edit page.

The way Wiki is edited isn’t the most simple process, or I would add one of those personal information box things. You know, with the persons name on top, then a picture, and a bunch of info about them.

Maybe find another one of someone else, copy and paste, then change the info.

I’ll even try give you a head start this one is for Lance Armstrong:

{{Infobox Cyclist
| ridername = Lance Armstrong | image = [[Image:NIH-lancearm2.jpg|250px]]<br><center>Armstrong speaking at the [[National Institutes of Health|NIH]]</center>
| fullname = Lance Edward Armstrong
| nickname = Mellow Johnny <br><small>(from [[Maillot Jaune]], French for [[Yellow jersey]])</small><ref>Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins: ‘‘Every Second Counts’’, Chapter 1, (ISBN 0-385-50871-9), Broadway Books 2003.</ref>

| dateofbirth = {{birth date and age|1971|9|18}}
| height = {{height|m=1.77}}
| weight = <small>1993:</small> {{weight|kg=79}}<br><small>1999:</small> {{weight|kg=74}}
| country = {{USA}}
| currentteam = Retired
| discipline = Road
| role = Rider
| ridertype = All-rounder
| amateuryears = 1990–1991<br>1991
| amateurteams = Subaru-Montgomery<br>US National Team
| proyears = 1992–1996<br>1997<br>1998–2005
| proteams = Motorola<br>Cofidis<br>U.S. Postal / Discovery Channel
| majorwins = [[Image:Jersey yellow.svg|20px]] Tour de France (1999–2005), 22 stages<br>{{flagiconUCI}} World Cycling Champion (1993)<br>{{flagicon|USA}} US National Cycling Champion (1993)<br>Clásica de San Sebastián (1995)<br>La Flèche Wallonne (1996)
| updated = [[June 14]], [[2007]]

I’m rather confident in my PC skills, but I don’t want to mess up the article.

I’m already in there:

Not sure how accurate it is or not… :stuck_out_tongue:

You look great for being 74.

I made it right ^_^.

For those who didn’t see where John’s link went to before…

im pretty good at wiki-editing i can help
does anyone know anyinformation to fill that box out?

That would be great if you could do that.

Anyone who has acurate knowledge of KH please post on this forum.
Also, JF, if you could fill us in with some of your details that would be great. Man, I would really be honored in being able to watch my own Wiki beng created.
Maybe some day…

Acurate info would include DOB, dates of major life events, competions, etc.

No disrespect for Kris, but is anyone in the unicycling world notable enough to have a Wikipedia page? I don’t feel that anyone in unicycling or bike trials or similar activities are notable enough to have a Wikipedia page.

I’m too lazy to dig through the mess that is the Wikipedia standards, but somewhere in there is a description of what it means to be notable enough for inclusion in Wikipedia.


There is a big chunk of unicycle information though, thats how I learned about unicycles.

Even the unicycle article needs to be properly edited. I read it and I some things being repeated three times. Most unicyling links from that article need to be fixed up more. These articles partially represent us unicyclists on the internet and if we want them to accuratly represent us and our chosen sport, we need to edit the posts as a community.

ISTR the notability standards being fairly loose. Kris has a fair amount of media coverage - online and in conventional publications. I think that alone is probably enough to cover notability.

I say YES!!!

Kris definately deserves a good description, as well as George Peck, and possibly JF, John Drumond, and Rogger Davies (sp?).

OK folks. I’ve added a couple more section headings but details need to be filled in.

Anyone who’s editing the article please make sure you’ve read the Wikipedia guidelines regarding what you’re allowed to contribute. Basically, stuff that you wrote yourself (not copied from other places) is OK, as long as you agree to the terms under which they want it licensed. Same for images which you upload.

Don’t be shy about editing though - get in there and contribute stuff. Don’t be offended if somebody change what you’ve written, though, they’re probably just trying to help.

A nice thing to add would be some picks of Kris Holm unicycles. So, guys, anyone here own a KH? If you can get a nice picture of the uni and upload it, it’d add a splash of colour to the article!

you can do a section with all his products?
i can try

I dunno if that would work with this article. If you want to do that then you might want to create an article on “Kris Holm Unicycles”.