Kris Holm VS Nimbus Oracle

I want to buy a new 36 inch unicycle and am having a tough time deciding between a Nimbus Oracle and a Chris Holm. Both run about $900 plus options. I just want a road unicycle for cruising. Currently using a coker V2. Any opinions would be appreciated!

Both good machines. The main difference that can’t be changed easily is the hub width. The KH uses a 100mm bearing pitch and the Nimbus 125mm. Since the stock Nimbus cranks are straight and the stock KH cranks flared, the lateral pedal spacing (Q factor) is actually the same on both unis out of the box. It’s just worth being aware that if you put straight cranks on the KH you’ll end up with a narrow platform, and if you put flared cranks on the Nimbus you’ll end up with quite a wide platform.

It might be worth measuring up your Coker hub width and Q factor so that you know what to expect.

The other main difference is in the cranks - the KH dual hole cranks are a pretty popular upgrade and may factor into your price. Plus the Q factor situation mentioned above.

Thanks for the feedback. I was unaware of the flared hub/cranks. I will definitely have to read up on Q factor.

Hi dogpoundar

I’ve got the Oracle 36. I bought mine because it was on sale and therefore it worked out far cheaper than the KH. I also bought a pair of dual hole KH cranks to go with it (and in total the price still worked out cheaper). The Q factor and dual hole cranks + the wide Nimbus hub is quite a important issue to consider. For the first few years I used the dual hole cranks and the ‘wide platform’ (125mm Nimbus hub + KH cranks) didn’t bother me at all (I was quite a newbie back then). However the last two years or so I found this wide platform quite irritating. In the end I’ve got rid of the KH cranks and put a pair of VCX/venture cranks and I think it makes a huge difference. The pedalling feels faster/more powerful with the VCX/venture cranks and my knees position (not so wide apart) feels better.

I don’t know what it is like to ride the KH36 with the KH cranks. I’ve got the KH cranks in My KH26 and KH24 Munis and I like those cranks for that type of riding as they give my ankles plenty of room/clearance when my feet are moving to regain balance in tricky situations. If I was to use those Unicycles purely for road riding I think I would put the Ventures cranks on them instead. I feel that a unicycle runs faster/smoother if the cranks are straight.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have the solution on my Oracle 32 with 125mm hub
I’m using dual holes Mad4One cranks 117/138mm (I think, not sure), great upgrade an no increase of foot distance as Mad4One have almost no Q-Factor (similar to Nimbus Venture or VCX cranks)

One thing you may want to consider is the new VCX 3 hole cranks due out this month i think. By the way i have the Nimbus 36" and am very happy with it.

For what it’s worth, I really like a large q factor. I’ve always ridden moments on the 125 hub, and enjoy it. Seems more comfy for my knees.

the inside vs outside mounted disc is another difference, as well as the saddle. On the case of the KH, the fusion one is a very different saddle, and is the only saddle that uses a pivotal post, so if you swap to or from it, you have to factor in a seatpost too.

I like the idea of the brake disc being inside the frame, as on the Nimbus, which I didn’t really notice that there was a difference until it was mentioned. I find the KH fusion one seat intriguing. I can see where adding the flared cranks to a Nimbus may feel too wide.

About a year or two ago I wrote a post concerning sore knees, which I finally realized was caused by the sudden impact of constantly jumping off my unicycle (50-100 times a day), without coming to a stop first. I would be juggling and drop a club and immediately jump off to retrieve the club. Now I coast to a stop and gingerly step down trying to minimize and impact to save my knees, and it has definitely made a huge difference. The point I am trying to share with all who ride the bigger wheels is to go easy on the dismount to preserve your knees.

I appreciate each of your feedback and have gained some insights for which I would like to thank each of you.

is it this true? A while ago I saw a youtube video mentioning the possiblity of VCX cranks having multiple holes in the future…

I did see this the other day, and it does mention Christmas (but not specifically which one):

Edit: Hey, they’re up for sale, now!

I have the KH 36, KH29 and KH24 and own/have owned various earlier incarnations of the Nimbus.

I can’t fault KH on quality. I find that my KH36 feels strong and does not flex when riding. I prefer it to my previous 36 which had a Nightrider frame.

I’ve looked at the specs on the UDC website today. The KH has the larger diameter seat post, which means the top tube of the frame will also be wider diameter, and therefore stiffer. With the bracing under the forks, I believe that the KH will be stiffer/have less twist than the Nimbus.

The point about where the brake is mounted is a valid consideration, although I think it is primarily cosmetic. I don’t use a brake so I have no strong opinion.

Gut feeling: I’d go for the KH.

They look great! Will wait untill they are available on the UK site… I’ve never tried a ‘three hole’ in one crank… I wonder if it bothers your ankle when riding with the shortest setting?

The three holes will all be on the same circular plane. That means that if you don’t hit your ankle on a normal down stroke of the pedal, there is no reason why you should hit it on any other part of the stroke. I know why you asked the question, though, because at first glance, before you think it through, it looks like a risk.

Mike is right, you don’t catch your ankle (even for me with my extra metal work).

I have been testing them for the last 6 months. Mostly on the Penny Farthings, but also on Muni. They are certainly strong and convenient… they are also really nice polished.

The UK gets their container tomorrow morning, should get them up for this weekend… also don’t forget that we have a black Friday sale on.


Nice One Roger :slight_smile:

24% off a 36” Unicycle and 51% off a 32”.

P.S Roger , I’ve just ordered some goodies but forgot to request a bumper sticker. If they are in stock can I have one please.



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Thank You Roger :slight_smile:

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Yeah I can also vouch. I have a couple of drilled triple holes 127/110/88, 165/140/115, no ankle rubs whatsoever.

Three-hole cranks eh. I really like my 117/137mm on the G29, so I’d be interested to see what lengths can be squeezed onto a pair with three holes!