Kris Holm -vs- Koxx One

does anyone know if the new KH isis cranks will work on the KOXX isis hub or if it differs

Nope, it won’t fit. The koxx hubs aren’t really ISIS like they should be and the axle is slightly bigger.

Ok so i have a 2005 20 inch KH that is starting to show slight problems in the cranks and frame. I am possibly thinking of switching over to a koxx. I am pretty sure that the weight of the current koxx is less than the weight of the older KH. Seeing how the money to pay for this is coming will come from a tax refund therefore i dont see it as a huge price burden. Do you think this is a good idea?

id wait till k1 went isis

I don’t see a problem with this. You could wait a few weeks to see what Koxx puts out at the end of this month then buy your stuff. Either way you’ll have a good uni.

Also you don’t have to wait until they go ISIS. Its not like you’ll break the hub or cranks anyways, and the trials cranks that come with them are great in my opinion (and I have KH cranks as well, and I still prefer my K1)

What exactly is wrong with your KH though? I remember there being an issue with the spokes but you’ve figured out its the cranks and frame?

Wasnt it the earlier batch of 2005 KH cranks weaker than all the other models though? He could have those thinner cranks.

I dont know about the frame though.

The threading that holds in the screws for the endcaps are stripped on the frame, and right now its being held in position using a nut and screw configuration. Its acually not that bad all things concidered, ocasionally somthing will get caught over the nut.

As far as Koxx not being true ISIS. Big whoop. You really dont need to be switching back and forth from moments and koxx cranks. I like the K1 street cranks more than moments. I am now ridding with de-nubbed CrMO Qu-Ax cranks on my K1 hub. Its been holding up fine, and between those and the K1 street cranks I am more than happy. You also have all of the K1 aluminum cranks to choose from.

The only thing that really bugged me about any of my Koxx stuff, what the huge pain in the ass it was to fit a powercoated seatpost into the frame and shim setup. You kinda needed to sand the paint off to get a easy fit, then you would get rust(if it was steel). Tho the aluminum posts work very easy with the shim.

Id say if your are definitely planning on gettin a new uni you will not regret getting a Koxx-One.

Having ridden both of them, I say pick either one and you will not be disappointed. Personally though, I think the Koxx ones have way more pimp factor.