Kris Holm -vs- Koxx One

The two undisputed top of the line mass produced Unicycle manufacturers are Kris Holm and Koxx One. (I am not talking about hand made top of the line stuff like Wilder, Hunter, and DM. These are way above the price range of most of us, and I doubt that they would be three times better than a KH as thier price suggests!) I was wondering if anyone had statistics on the sales of Kris Holm -vs- Koxx One? Who sells more Unicycles? Koxx One seems to be pretty rare in the United States. Why doesn’t UDC US carry Koxx One. UDC Germany carries both KH and K1 so I don’t see why UDC US shouldn’t.

I currently have an Onza 24" and a KH29. I use the Onza much more just because I like riding rough terrain more. However I have to say that the quality and design of the KH is superior to the Onza. I have not had a chance to lay eyes on or try riding a Koxx One and would be vey interested to try in order to compare. The welding on the KH is of extremely good quality also the solid metal Magura brake mounts rather than the folded sheet metal brake mounts found on most Unicycles or bikes is a great bonus. I also like how the KH frame curves in at the top. I bang the insides of my knees on my Onza a lot because the pipes just end. With the KH there is less chance of bangning your knees on the frame and when you do, so what, you hit a rounded pipe and not a sharp pipe end. I have had the chance to ride a KH24 and must say that it is a superior ride to my Onza 24. I would like to hear from riders who have ridden both the KH and K1. I am very interested in your opinions as I am looking for a replacement to my Onza.

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i’ve only ridden the KH 06/07 (it was kinda half half) a little bit and i have the koxx1 red devil…

I have to say that apart from the frame the two unis are very similar… I rekon the seat is slightly nicer on the koxx1, The kh frame is 150g lighter than the koxx although i never checked… i’ve never banged my knees on the koxx1 devil frame i think it must go in abit at the top.

The cranks look much beefier on the koxx1, not sure if they are stronger though, and the tryall tyre is different to the CC as to if its better or not is a hard one to say LOL

If you look at welding quality on the koxx1 its impecable, the rim hub and cranks are real nice…

I think its mostly a matter of opinion, since the koxx1 devil unis are only wot 100g heavier than the KH? Take what you can get easily and what suits you more… Koxx1 have a 26" splined uni, KH has a 29", look at the price, the offer and what people recommend… I mean i’ve never heard of a koxx1 crmo frame breaking… Infact has anyone broken one?

Its a hard choice between koxx1 and KH, I went for koxx1 cause a german friend had one and he told me they were great and i figured i was never gonna make my mind up…

koxx’s seatposts are weak, i heard.

so are the KH aluminium ones (for the standard 4 bolt seat post)

theyre both aluminium so arent that crash hot.

For me i think the aluminium ones can’t take a beating. Also if you ride them for a long time. I heard they slowly wear out and just wondering if this was true.

actually the koxx1 unis now come with reinforced aluminium seatpost, and are supposed to be abit tougher, but still not as good as crmo ones…

KH still comes with normal Aluminium seatpost but hey crmo seatposts cost £10…

they only shove aluminium seatpost cause they want to keep the weight down. Its true that aluminium seatpost fatigue slowly and snap slowly.

i wouldnt make this a choosing criteria…

KH -vs- K1

It is funny how the the thread is turning to seat posts wich are such a marginal part of the Unicycle. I myself love the Onza/KH seatpost with the brake holder combined. However seatposts are pretty cheap and it is always a good Idea to keep one or two extra around.

I want go get feedback about the comfort of the whole Unicycle to hear about what things annoy owners and especially to hear from people who have ridden both and can give good comparissons. As I said I hate how Onza just left exposed pipes at the top of the fork. I am dying to hear if owners of KH and K1 Unis have also experienced such annoyances?

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Actually if you check the specification on the KH you will see it is reinforced also. It was only the very first batch of seatposts that was not. Koxx now have the same seatpost as KH, their non reinforced version is thinner than the original KH non reinforced one. There is a great saving in weight with the aluminium seatposts and for most riders it is ok. Although if you are tough on the seat then definately upgrade to a CrMo seatpost.

ah i didnt know the KH one was reinforced, but it would seem ovious…

Anyways as you said enough about seatpost… since they are very minor as you said.

Well i’ve never hurt myself on the crown of my koxx1, but its only a 20" so maybe on the 24" and 26" its more likely…

some would argue that kh and koxx are better than Wilder Hunter and DM. they are hand made, but they are heavy, use strange seatpost sizes (Hunter excluded).

The false isis (koxx spline) makes me think koxx has some quality issues. the kh frame is much better than the steel koxx frames in the bearing clamp design, and that you don’t have to shim the seatpost. not only is it lighter, but the kh frame will have a better resale value than the xtp because people who glide, coast, and do other streety foot-on-frame tricks will prefer it.

Having the kh moment hub will give you a wide variety of crank choices. Owning the koxx hub, you only have on manufacturer to choose from.

Aside from the hub, cranks, and frame, all other parts are personal prefference imo (what works best for me may not be the best for you).

I honestly would chose koxx 1 over Kh for a stock uni. Just because they offer more crank sizes that look nicer or until that moment hub and cranks came out. And they have a way cooler color scheme.

How does Koxx offer more crank sizes?

I think your forgetting that KH is a true ISIS design, and people have already put their ISIS bike cranks on it, and they fit. That means you have the choice of tons of bike brands, and some other uni brands.

Koxx does have a good size selection though, but the KH is far more versatile.

Well Koxx has more short cranks sizes. The fact that KH can use bike cranks doesn’t help much on trials unis because bike cranks are usually longer than you would want on a trials uni.
You are better off getting a kh hub because you can use koxx cranks on it but you cannot use kh cranks on a koxx hub.

I was gonna mention that too, and put up that one chart someone made with the compatability of the hub and cranks, but I couldnt find it, and by then it was too late to edit.

well yeah if ur gonna make ur own uni, your better off putting the true ISIS moment hub and choosing cranks.

Koxx1 do have loads of cool short cranks. It depends if you have any cranks that are ISIS allready…

I feel strongly that if you are into street then a CrMo seatpost is the way to go. It is stronger, if you bend it, you can bend it back (it does lose strength though). I have snapped (I think) three Alu seatposts and one CrMo (the CrMo lasted a lot longer). With any kind of flips I think you need a strong seatpost.

As for which is better. I feel they are pretty even. I like KH unicycles, almost entirely because of the ISIS NUBLESS cranks. I have lots of scars all on the inside of both my ankles and am SO glad that they are nubless. If Koxx brought out a nubless set of street cranks I would love it.

I think KH seats are better in general because of the easily removable cover, makes it easier for CF bases.


yeah the removable cover is a great idea… I’m surprised koxx1 ain’t copied yet…

I’m not sure what you mean by nubless… ?

As for seatposts… well they seam to break all the time… mine is brand new i wouldnt know…

Koxx should make removable covers because they have awesome looking designs. They would probably sell a lot of covers if they sold them separately.

thats so true, they make some awesome seat designs, selling them individually would work real well.

if they did sell covers seperately, i would get a white camo one for my kh street saddle. the koxx one colours on all their products shits all over kh stuff.