Kris Holm -vs- Koxx One

The two undisputed top of the line mass produced Unicycle manufacturers are Kris Holm and Koxx One. (I am not talking about hand made top of the line stuff like Wilder, Hunter, and DM. These are way above the price range of most of us, and I doubt that they would be three times better than a KH as thier price suggests!) I was wondering if anyone had statistics on the sales of Kris Holm -vs- Koxx One? Who sells more Unicycles? Koxx One seems to be pretty rare in the United States. Why doesn’t UDC US carry Koxx One. UDC Germany carries both KH and K1 so I don’t see why UDC US shouldn’t.

I currently have an Onza 24" and a KH29. I use the Onza much more just because I like riding rough terrain more. However I have to say that the quality and design of the KH is superior to the Onza. I have not had a chance to lay eyes on or try riding a Koxx One and would be vey interested to try in order to compare. The welding on the KH is of extremely good quality also the solid metal Magura brake mounts rather than the folded sheet metal brake mounts found on most Unicycles or bikes is a great bonus. I also like how the KH frame curves in at the top. I bang the insides of my knees on my Onza a lot because the pipes just end. With the KH there is less chance of bangning your knees on the frame and when you do, so what, you hit a rounded pipe and not a sharp pipe end. I have had the chance to ride a KH24 and must say that it is a superior ride to my Onza 24. I would like to hear from riders who have ridden both the KH and K1. I am very interested in your opinions as I am looking for a replacement to my Onza.

Appreciate all replys,