Kris Holm Unicycles!!!

DOES kris holm come out with a new unicycle model every year??? and is the 2005 model a sweet ride???

Ohhh ya. Its really light and strong. I dont think he comes out with a new model every year but upgrades them.

It sounds like he is going to be making small changes and making them available right away instead of having a different model each year.

Yes, the 2005 models are sweet. Search the forums here and you’ll find a lot of info about them.

I have a 2005 Kris Holm XC 24", and it is great.

The only problem is, if you can’t do something on the unicycle, you can only blame yourself, because they are really great machines, you are one excuse down.

This was in a Email from Kris.
“Thanks to online sales I typically upgrade the unicycles more than once/year, so there will be some good ongoing changes and improvements through 2006 but no definative “2006 model” available early in the new year.”

the only improvement I think the kh unicycles need is a better seat base… they snap too easelly… thats the only thing i REALLY want to change. The rest is fine.

I’m riding an 05 KH24, and it’s been great. It’s my first uni, so I don’t have much to compare it to… but so far, so good.

seatbases and seatposts need to get stronger or reinforced. I’ve done atfermarket reinforcements on all my unis that didn’t weigh much at all, and they have worked out very well.

Yeah, it’s like owning a Martin guitar…there is never anything to blame your mistakes on, and it will always be better than you.

But you buy it anyway…because then you will own one. :slight_smile:

I kno that everyone reinforces tehre uni after… but woudnt it be nice if you could just buy it like that ?

The new ones are a lot stronger than before…Ive broken 2 of the old ones but this one (new thinner ones) is still really stiff.

oh boy… you have to get one of these things! There the lightest stock uni out ther, and real strong! I use mine for everything, and if it comes from Kris Holm you know it has to be good!

I just got a really recent model. It’s got a stronger seatpost, and a way better seat, which in addition to being thinner, is also dual-density, so that you’ve got one layer of really squishy (comfy in the short term) foam, and after you sink through that there’s some harder (comfy in the long term) foam under it. It’s totally rad.

Not to mention the crankset is arguably one of the strongest available, although the q-factor is weird at first. It’s all-around the best stock muni you can buy though.

I ride a 2005 KH24 Freeride. Amazing. It has treated me well even when I haven’t returned the favour. I’m going to pick up a 2005 KH20 as well to replace my now mangled Norco 20. Also, if you’re living in Canada, it’s faster and cheaper to buy from Darren Bedford ( My friend bought a KH20 from and it got held up at the border for 3 weeks!