Kris Holm Unicycles Status report

Hi All,

As some of you are aware, there were some delays in offshore production of the KH hub, which resulted in and Bedford Unicycle’s orders being delayed for a couple of months. This has been very frustrating to say the least!

The hubs finally arrived last week in Taiwan, and the unicycles are being assembled for shipment within the next week. That still means a late May arrival date but I thought that those of you with KH unis on order might appreciate the update.

Kris Holm

Do you have any idea when the clothing range is coming out? I like the look of the shorts

Jerseys are being made as we speak. Shorts are in the prototype stage. I had to switch designers due to reliability issues, but I’ve now found a really good designer to work with.


Yeah! Some nice 24 hours shifts to complete a quick order for Taiwan neo-slaves!


what are the chances of flying some of the kh24s over? this would get the unis to the customers a month earlier than going by ship, right?


It would cost a LOT do do this (thousands of dollars), actually more than the cost of the unis.

Also, a very important issue with efficient manufacturing/shipping is to not make any difficult changes or requests right at the end- inevitably this results in additional confusion and delays. It’s true that airfreight would be faster, but not if the unicycles to be airfreighted sat for 3 weeks until they managed to deal with the request. So that leaves waiting a bit more as the best solution. I wish it was faster, but that’s the way it is!


DrBallard, what exactly were you wearing when you typed that? Were you intending to make a suggestion as to where Kris should have his clothing manufactured so that it will be affordable enough to sell in numbers enough to justify the production? We understand the world has labor issues. Do you understand the ridiculously small numbers involved in production for unicycles and unicyclists? You’re barking up the wrong industry.

clothing range? there’s going to be one? where can i find some pictures?