Kris Holm Unicycles seat post diameter ('03-'05)?

I’ve been digging around in RSU for awhile, and I have yet to find this answer all in one place. I remember reading these separately, but now I can’t find the posts.

Can anyone give seat post diameters for the Summit, '03, '04 and '05 Kris Holm unicycles?

It’s 27.2mm on the '05 and '04 KH…
Don’t know about the summit though.


Cool. The post from an '05 is too small for an '03, and I’m looking for the right size shim.

The '05 post is EXTREMELY tight in a Summit. This is a good thing, I guess.

I just looked at it again…I have a new KH '05 post, and an older KH frame, and I have to shim it with ~5 aluminum cans to make it stay put. One of the older KH frames must take a larger diameter seat post. Anyone know what the larger diameter should be?

From what i have heard, the summit is some really weird size like 31.something and its shimmed to fit 27.2. So it definately will fit a 27.2 but it might be a little different.