Kris Holm Unicycles - Bedford BC Wheels - Big Discounts !

Greetings everyone

Bedford Unicycles is having their annual Halloween sale again this year !

All of the following Kris Holm Unicycles or Bedford BC Wheels are on sale right now until Halloween - Oct 31st 2005 !

Kris Holm 20" Trials - only 500.00 CDN / 410.00 US
Kris Holm 24" Cross-Country - only 555.00 CDN / 460.00 US
Kris Holm 24" Freeride - only 565.00 CDN / 470.00 US
Kris Holm 29" Cross-Country - only 565.00 CDN / 470.00 US

Bedford Trials BC Wheel - only 250.00 CDN / 205.00 US
Bedford Pro-Street BC Wheel - only 250.00 CDN / 205.00 US

These BC Wheels are the same ones you see Jeff Groves hopping, dropping and grinding rails on in DEFECT !

They have sealed bearing hubs, Alex double wall Trials or triple wall Street rims and Bedford PRO alloy platforms powdercoated black with grip taped foot surfaces. These are the finest BC Wheels available.

Just add shipping to the prices if you don’t pick up the items at the shop.
If they are being shipped, they will have a ride in a vintage hearse to the post office !
Make sure your first ride in a hearse isn’t your last !

Not only do the Unicycles and BC Wheels come with big discounts, you get many other freebies with each one purchased ! You will be surprised when you get your order !

To order, or for more info, send a e-mail with Halloween Sale in the subject line or call 416-729-9696.

Happy Halloween from Bedford Unicycles !!!

What might a trials bc minus the Plates cost?

Sent you an email. this is awesome :smiley:

What’s the difference between the trials and street BC wheels, Darren? Do they really have aluminium (ie alloy) footplates? I’da thought steel plates would be stronger…

The trials, is a trials…Mod rim, Mod tire, Long plates, fatty hub

the street is a fatty hub in a skinny bmx rim and a hookworm.

i think the reason he uses aluminum is its much much easyer to machine. and overall its easyer to work with, i think since he is the only person making production plates, he can get away with heavy ones.

I think the reason Tony asked is that we had a nimbus bc, and we bent the plates on it. I’m not sure what those are made from though…so maybe alloy would be strong enough…

Darrens plates are very good, the bolts are a little too low for me, they eat my feet, but ither than that they are great for grinding, the ylook really cool, and are dead strong, however i did bend a pair by throwing my bc up the street in frustration.


Send an e-mail for the price without plates.


Yes, all the Bedford BC Wheel Platforms have always been made out of aluminum. I have never used steel for platforms.

When George (GB4) copied my design for UNI.COM, he used steel.
He copied my design exactly, even the rounded corners but he used thin steel instead of aluminum.

Background info:
I was the one who designed this type of platform for BC wheel use.
Until I made these, the were known as Impossible wheels. As you can see now, they are not impossible at all. Guys like Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins were first to do incredible tricks on them. Taking them beyond anyones imagination of being able to do tricks with just the wheel. Hopping, dropping, grinding is now possible because of the work I did in designing the platforms.
Jeff and Ryan tried many different platform prototypes with different drop heights, lengths, etc. before settling on the ones I make today.

If anyone around the world is making BC wheel plates on their own, they are using my design as seen in many posts on this forum.

The difference is that mine are super thick alloy, not steel.
If you try a Bedford platform, you can feel a difference.

The only person who ever said he didn’t like the long platform is Evan.
(The same Evan who posted in this thread) He must not have given them enough time to get use to them. Look what Jeff does with them.

As you can see in DEFECT, the long platforms make almost anything possible ! Jason and Roman’s rocket powered BC wheel uses Bedford PRO platforms with modifications.

I have a few other designs that will be released eventually.

The difference between a Trials and Pro-Street BC wheel is mainly the tire & rim. Same difference between a freestyle and trials unicycle.

Watch DEFECT again and you will see Jeff using both types of BC wheels.

Hope that helps,

hey darren its justin kohse.

i was wondering if those are the only things for sale for the big hallows eve sale.

dont need unis but parts haha,

let me know, thx


As I mentioned in another thread, I would like to get a good solid BC wheel. I am leaning towards the 20" Trials BC mentioned above. Is there any reason a first time BC-er would want a different wheel?


My trials bc is pretty awesome, the only thing is you cant let it rub your leg…its really smooth and stuff. Its just kind of alot of money if you dont even know if you will like bc wheeling.
here is a picture of mine


What BC wheel is that?

“My trials bc is pretty awesome”

Thanks for the background information, Darren. Its amazing what happens once good quality equipment is readily available!


The only other things not listed here on the Halloween sale are:

KH Blue aluminum frames (on their own, just the frames)…

KH 20" trials
KH 24" Muni
KH 29" XC

Only 160.00 CDN / 135.00 US !!!

If you ever wanted a KH aluminum frame… Get one before they’re gone !!!

24" frames will not hold a Gazz… fits a Duro 24x3 like spec’ed for a KH unicycle with easy.

To order, call or e-mail for more info.

info @ - Put Halloween sale in the subject line.


If you think you will be hopping, dropping or grinding at some point or do that now on a unicycle, get the Trials BC wheel. It is more forgiving and comfy on the big air stuff. If not get the Street version. 20" is what you want.
Spencer posted a picture of his Trials BC wheel with powder coated Alex rim.

Note for all
Regarding wheel size - only Evan is using a larger wheel size than 20" for BCing right now. So take note to the posts and who is posting.
Other sizes may catch on, but 20" is the standard size.

Spencer and Evan (both posted in this thread) got their BC wheels from Bedford Unicycles. They are both amazing BC wheel riders now and are two riders who will help take this sport to new limits.


Let me know if you have any other questions.
Take it easy.

Enjoy the ride,

Thanks Darren, that’s exactly what I needed to know. Sent an email your way.

how much more lighter is the kh aluminum frame then the usual bedford frame ?


I will get the weights of the frames and let you know.


You still have time to place your Halloween Sale orders until Midnight Monday October 31st to get the discounts and freebies !

I just need the order, not the payment. The payment can arrive within a week later.

Happy Halloween from Bedford !!!


hey darren, how much are you asking for the kh 2005 24" frame?

and would you be able to paint them?



In your email you said you would be shipping my BC wheel last Friday and then would inform me of the total cost with shipping. I have not yet received another email so I just wanted to remind you that I still don’t know how much I owe you.