Kris Holm Unicycles & 1% for the Planet

Hi All,

Just thought I’d mention some news. I’ve been thinking for some time now about how KHU might be able to contribute to environmental conservation. This is a priority partly just because I think it’s important and partly because KHU, like all consumer products companies, has negative impacts on the environment both during manufacture and when we use the unicycles on trails.

So KHU has joined 1% for the Planet, which is a collection of companies who donate 1% of annual sales to environmental conservation. KHU is the first cycling company to join. This organization was founded by Yvon Chouinard, climber and founder of Patagonia Clothing, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies. See for more information.

Hey, also if anyone cares to check out the new homepage and page, let me know what you think.



I like the new sight, the old one was, well, getting old. Do you have an AIM adress?

What a good idea!
This really show unicyclists appreciate what we get to ride.

The new site looks cool aswell, though the white background is a bit plain…

It’s very generous of you to donate to such a worthy cause, but I’m STILL not going to buy a KH29XC. (At least not until after I get my harper hub built into an airfoil.)

The website looks good.

Good on ya Kris!

Website looks good too :sunglasses:


Not only is this awesome of you to do, it is a great way to show people thet the unicycling community cares. Much thanks man. Right on!

another vote of thanx and a round of applause


Outlandishly large hats off to you sir. Environmental conservation and unicycling are two things which are very important to me…As I’m sure they are to most people round here. And you’ve managed to bring the two together in a handy bite sized package…Thankyou!

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I’m mightily impressed with my KH 2005 Muni, cheers.

that’s really great. it gives me another reason to buy your products.



(to all you tree huggers out there)

Your web pages look clean and ‘elegant’.

I really liked your new site. Theonly problem right now for me i that my friend sitting next to me thinks that the pics are fake!
Like: “Nobody can really do that, look how fake it looks!”

The most beautiful things about a tree are a fine piece of furniture and a roaring fire.

Just kidding … sort of

Way to go Kris! (I want to be like you when I grow up! :smiley: )


The update looks great!

A few things that annoyed me about the product catalog:
While looking at the uni’s it will not display well with 800x600 resolution
I couldn’t get any larger detail shots of the uni (people want to see these nice rides!)
Broken link: clicking on the unicycle catalog while in the catalog (no biggie)

Someone mentioned the white background: look at any successful website and check its background color. The white background is what people are accustomed to, using another color creates confusion.

Props on the move to contribute.

Thanks for the input on the products site. The reason I went with this format is that I can show everything on one page without people having to scroll. However, I have a good monitor (15" Mac Powerbook) and haven’t checked it on anything else. I’ll add some large pictures to the Detailed Unicycle Specifications page.


Sounds great! I agree with muniracer completely.

I like the site. The pics are really cool, and I like the interface. The what unicycle is good for you thing is good and honest, which is nice. One nit to pick, though, is that with a trials uni the pedals bottom out really easily for muni. I’m sure you know this, but it seems an important point if one decides to present a trials uni as a form of a muni.

The main page looks nice and the 1% for the planet is a great thing to do. But…

When I click on “Unicycle Catalog” from the homepage I get “The requested URL was not found on this server”. Also, is the 1% for the planet site going to add you to their member page?

That was probably because I was modifying it. Funny thing about real-time newsgroups and web modifications… It should work now =)

1% will have me on their website as soon as they upload the info.

I’ve added a link on the products page to a page with large format photos.



The catalogue link on your home page appears to be broken. I tried some obvious alternatives and found it. It looks like the path is missing the products directory.

Also when I got to the catalogue it seemed odd as there was no picture. I realize that you have to do the mouse over but I would recommend that a default picture be loaded so that the page isn’t blank.

Othewise, liked the site, liked the 1% donation. My sons have be bugging me to get a muni so I have ordered a Freeride from Daren Bedford and will be picking it up the next time I pass through TO. My family currently has 15 unis in the garage (Bedford’s, Semcycle, Coker, Norco) and now soon to have a KH Freeride.