kris holm unicycle

I now have enough money to buy a kris holm trials uni- is it worth the money?

it depends. What do you like doing, and what kind of unicycle do you already have?


I mostly like to do trials and street but im not to serious into either. I would like to get better at both. I have a norco trials- its not very good and it weighs alot, plus thr left crank keeps fallin off.

if youve got tho money, get the KH

its great

if you have enough money, and are sure you want to pursue the sport, then youd probably love it.

how much happiness do you derive from unicycling? what is the monetary value you assign to that amount of happiness? is it more than the kh? is there something else you won’t be able to purchase if you go with the kh?

cool good to know its worth it.

you wont regret it

no theres not really anything else I want right now. I’m really into unicycleing.


Where should I buy it from-Im in Alberta.

alberta where?

probably Bedford, I’d imagine.

calgary alberta

Uh, probablly not Alberta Utah…

That’s really cool. I have relations around there, and for a while my family would go there around Thanksgiving time. (and yes I know Canadians don’t have Thanksgiving, it was just a good time to go up there)

Yes we do, it’s just not on the same day.

before i had the kh i could hop 3 inches when i go it i could hop 7 on my first day and now i can hop 20