Kris Holm Unicycle

Hey all, does anyone know where to buy this uni or does someone know from which year it is or something about it. I’m very interested in it.

That’s not a Kris Holm, it’s a Summit, they stole his design and produced a near identical copy of it, i should imagine this was in '03 or '04. There was some sort of legal battle i think, and although i’m not sure of the final outcome i think it is genreally agreed that they copied him, not the other way round. Alot of people use them, but i don’t think they’re as good as the KH, and i don’t think they’re produced any more. This is the vaguest recollection but i think they were a copy of a prototype which was then modified substatially before becoming the release version of the KH, hence the difference in performance between the two. Apologies for being so unsure with the facts, i’m sure someone, possibly even dangeruni himself, will set me straight on what exactly happened. Hope that helps,

that is a kh unicycle. summits are big and ugly.

Ohh, I see. Thanks a lot for that info. I saw that Unicycle in New Zeeland got those, but that’s along way from Sweden. Hope someone got it in Europe. Summit is not as clean as that one, and yes they are alike eachother but the KH is cuter I think.

Hope Kris Holm can sign something about it, Simon

That is the '03 KH. '04 was black, and '05 is blue. Summit bought a bunch of prototypes of the '03’s, thats why they are the same color. The only difference on them is the frame. The Summit was bigger and squarer. I don’t think you willl find any of those left. But if you want the hub and crank set, let me know. Its an 8 spline. I also may be selling my Summit frame eventually but not yet.


I was pretty sure that Kris said that he had improved the hub/crank set some how. Becasue the summit was a copy of his prototype. maybe it was how the hub/axel fitted. I can’t remember for sure what it was, i just remember kris saying something about it last time he was over here… i know the KH is better then the Summit in terms of strength though .

A Summit in white

Closer look at the frame. I may be selling this one. PM me if you’re interested.


Ah rite sorry, i thought all the orange frames were summit, didn’t really get in to trials/muni til '04 so as far as i knew all KHs were black, apologies for the poor knowledge.

Realy? Including Kris’ signature that I see on it’s left fork-part?

sorry but I do not want a summit frame.

maybe buy a black kh frame and spray paint it orange ?

but the signature and that is the problem.

A summit unicycle is the prototype that Kris Holm designed. then later Kris improved on his unicycle, and released it again without the name Summit on it, which is the kind you see right there.
it’s a 2003 model, I believe, and the kind I have. it’s very good, but the new KH20’s are even stronger and better…so I wouldn’t bother with the kind in the picture you showed, get the new model from unicycledotcom instead. unless you want it orange, in which case, get the new model and powdercoat it orange.

This is the same unicycle, but in black:

It is available from the Swedish branch of See the above link for description in Swedish.

You can also buy the lighter 2005 version which has an aluminium frame and better crank system.

Yeah you guys have probly right but I like old school, I see what I can get, probly kh 04 frame which I spraypaint orange. BUT if someone got that kh 03 orange frame, PM me.


nice uni

You dug up a 5 year old thread just to say nice uni…