Kris Holm Unicycle

I recently purchased a Kris Holm 24" Unicycle of and was riding it and my friend realized that it was bent at the base of the neck where the seat post ends. Then he went up and kicked the neck and it bent back a little bit. It seems that the uni is not very strong or that it wasn’t made right. Now there is some bulging out of the sides of the neck. I don’t know what I should do whether I should get a new frame or a brand new one. :thinking:

You definitely should not have let your friend kick it. Pictures say much more than words…

All Kris Holm products are under warranty, so If you get hold of him ( You should be able to get it replaced, Its probably just a production error, KH unis are the strongest out there.

When have you ever seen this? What trick?

You never kick the frame in flatland…

I was actually the one that noticed this. I was really weird, the frame had lots of small indents on it and almost seemed “soft”.

There is a huge difference in pressure on the frame from tricks while ridding flat, and pressure on the frame do to kicking it while not ridding.

Whether the force is different or not is not the issue. It has more to do with what is and isn’t covered in warranty. Kicking to bend your frame is not. And to top that off, how is he gonna prove there was a defect before it was kicked. There is no way to know what the state of the frame or welds were before he kicked it. (pictures may clear this up)

The point is, as soon as you start messing with something, whether is be with tools or a foot, your are breaking the terms of warranty. Luckily Kirs is a good guy, and will surly be nice about this issue.

Bike island however does not honer Kris’s wishes with the MSRP, and that could also prove a problem in this case.

Hope all goes well, good luck.

Eeeeeeek, why’d he kick it!

He was probably trying to help, but didn’t realize he was messing with the warranty:(

The kid who kicked it was this kid who recently learned to how ride and was riding with us, he saw the uni and before we could really say anything he kicked it back in… he didn’t really know any better, and I think he just meant to help

How come nobody is asking how much seat post was inserted into the frame? Was it less than an inch and a half or so?

The seat post was all the way in and the neck was bending around the bottom of the seat post.

you dummy it was a 20 inch not a 24 inch.


You kick the FRAME?
No, Unless by accident.

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