Kris Holm Unicycle Missing on UDC!

Oh no!! I went to today to look for the billionth time at my dream unicycle, and it’s NOT THERE! :astonished: The lovely 20" KH 2007 Trials uni!! Nonononono! Now I can’t admire its beauty. :frowning:

Maybe it sold out? I just don’t know, but I hope it shows up again soon so I can continue to stare blankly at all its lovely features.

this sounds sad:D - funny tho

lol? :thinking:

You really go there everyday?
Just copy the pic to your computer, then set it as your background.

But that would mean taking off my g/f…Hm I GOT IT! Get my g/f to act like shes riding a uni, now thats a backround Drools

Hehe…I did that also!

the 07 kh 20 isnt that special. sure shes beautifully built and strong, but mine isnt overly different to other unis ive tried. i dont weigh enough to break any uni so whilst the kh is great, you get used to it.

You can get to it through a google search:

I sometimes go here to stare at the KH unis. You can get a nice big picture too.

Ha, I also go there sometimes just to gawk at the equipment. It’s even one of my bookmarks. I don’t go often, but sometimes it’s nice to just see good equipment in fairly large pictures.


the reason its gone is cuz i bought it :slight_smile:

are kris holms really a good unicycle? i was looking at a nimbus equinox street but should i go for the kh 20’ instead???

Hi, its best to start a new thread rather than tag onto a really old one. To answer the question the KH20 can be pretty good, its quite light and rides nicely. Some people (myself included) have had issues with them breaking.The Nimbus stuff is OK, too.