kris holm uni?

i was just wondering kris do you ride mainly or only your kris holm line of unis or do you also ride others? :thinking: (sorry if this should be in just conversation :frowning:

He used to have a alblum of his unicycles in his photo alblum, but it looks like its gone.

At CMW he was riding a KH regular trials uni (stock hub, cranks, testing frame), and a new prototype version of the KH muni wheel. He used a KH regular frame. The same goes for moab, although there he was on a normal KH hub and cranks for his muni. One question for you, though, Drewation, if YOU got to custom design a unicycle from the ground up, would YOU ride it? It’s not very good marketing if the designer doesn’t even like the product he’s selling.

In Universe II and some of his pics in 2003 his using Profile Hub / Crank set, but more recently, it looks like his using all KH equipment.

ive heard of lots of pros who dont ride there own stuff (not just unicycling) :roll_eyes:

You have to remember that kris holm has designed all his own unis which probably means they are somewhat designed for him and all the vids I have seen he is rdin his own so I will say he mare than often rides his

yeah, Tim Allen’s tool line is crap. i also doubt that Martha Stewart shops at Big K.

Kris rides his stuff now. at muni week-end i also asked him if he missed the CF plate since hes on a KH seat now. he said he didnt and acually likes it better. me too.

so I take it his crank/hub set could be as good as a profile set?

I am not positive but I bet you thery are really almost the same in quality except the profile hub has a lifetime warrenty so if he breaks it he gets a free new one

It’s true. But in many of those cases, the person may have supplied only their name or reputation, and not had a hand in the design or quality of the items. As we know, Kris Holm is the brains behind his products, and they’re designed to be good enough for him. That means they’re good enough for anybody, except the odd Ryan Atkins here and there. :slight_smile:

But don’t be surprised to see Kris (and other designers/builders) doing a lot of riding on prototypes and experimental stuff. New stuff is always in the making, and it needs testing and miles on it.

In the future Kris’ lines may expand to include more entry-level stuff, making it more accessible to beginner and lower-budget riders. Not that his current line hasn’t already made high-end MUni a lot more accessible. But if lower-end models do come out, I won’t be expecting him to ride them as long as he’s still Kris.