Kris Holm to Miyata seat conversion

I now have on my unicycle a kris holm seat woth the standard seat post. However i would like to put back on my miyata seat. But the seatpost for the miyata is too thin for my frame. So i was wonderign how i could go about doing this. thanks

You have several options:

  1. use a shim with your Miyata seatpost.

  2. Cut the base plate off your current seatpost and weld a Miyata base-plate on instead. A local engineering shop will be able to do this for you inexpensively. Instead of sacrificing your current seatpost you could get a BMX ‘candlewick’ 22.2mm seatpost and use that instead - these are cheap to buy at bike shops. They look like this

  3. Buy a GB universal seatpost which, if your frame’s internal diameter is 22.2 or 25.4mm, will fit both Miyata and KH saddles.


I just got a GB universal seatpost about 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty happy with it because the bracket is tilted backwards somewhat, putting the saddle at a better angle (better for me anyway).