Kris Holm: Thank you for being with us on our ride!

This is a ‘thank you’ thread for Kris Holm. I don’t know where Kris actually was yesterday, but he was also with us on our ride of the Downieville Downhill.

His seat was on my unicycle, and I was barely sore at the end of a killer ride in killer heat.

His name was on two of our unicycles, a brand new 24" Freeride and one of the older, black ones. Those cycles held up way better than mine.

His seat was on at least one of our other cycles as well. Great seats that don’t require modification to be major comfy on long rides!

And apparently even the mountain bikers are with Kris. In the town, which was full of mountain bikers training for next weekend’s annual Downieville Downhill race, someone came up and told us how he and his friends love the KH 29" rim. He said it’s the widest one they know of, and it’s great on downhill bikes.

So thanks, Kris! Our riding is better, and more enjoyable because of you.

Please feel free to add onto this with your own thoughts.

Kris won’t read this for a while - he left for Denmark today.

Equipment-wise, I have to say I love my KH29. It is rock-solid, very light and super fast for racing. And my 2001 model KH24Pro is still alive and doing well. It’s been all over and had all kinds of abuse but is still awesome.


Where would I be without my KH20" and 24" Freeride

Kris Holms Muni’s have opened my eyes to a whole new world of unicycling first at the age of 39 after 30 years of riding. I have done all kinds of riding on all types of terrain and uni’s. I ride on road and off road at least 5-8 miles a day typically on my coker which is unbelievably awesome. BUT, when you’re an experienced rider and you jump on a KH you realize how much more there is to unicycling and what quality means in the unicycling world.
Riding his Muni’s lets you perform at your best. They give you that superman (or woman) effect.
I have his air seat on my Coker and his Fusion seats on my KH20” Trials and my KH24” Free ride and I can’t complain.
When I jump on a KH all I want to do is Hop, Hop, Hop.
To give you an idea of how good they are, I am bouncing off the walls.


Kris is like God…He is with us, wherever we ride…he can save us from any UPD…
well, okay, not quite…

Oh on the contra, if you chant his name while your ride, then you’ll never UPD, but i’m not guarenting you wont crash, just not UPD, for crashing you’ll need your official Kris Holm Loc of hair necklace, only 19.99 USD shipping is free withing the continental united states. ONLY SIX REMAINING ACT FAST!

All hair guarenteed to be Kris Holm’s, but just not from his head.

I’ve already gotten mine


Arh, but have you got his chopsticks? One loucky winner in a BUC raffle in 2001 got exactlty that, a pair of chopsticks signed by KH himself. Some one else won a flag signed by MRS John Foss. The chopsticks I saw around for a while after at uni meets, wedged into the spokes of the winners uni, the flag…